Just Do It!

“Just Do It!”

-Psychiatrist pastors of the APA corporate clergy, admonishing parents of the slave-class, and their children’s “teachers” (aka indoctrinational minders) to poison and torture children into docility.

“Just Do It!”

-The tone of cops towards the black people whom the cops feel at liberty to treat as due facto slaves, while dueling Republacrats use the blacks as dispensable political-chattle. (Spoiler alert: such cops, by their corrupt deeds, earn a very high suicide-rate.)

“Just Do It!”

-English translation of threats by task-masters of the various suicide-laden slave-nations that manufacture Nike shoes and apparel.

“Just Do It!”

-English translation of the last chink-chatter that countless ching-chongs heard just before their self-murder by concrete, outside of Foxconn before the company began preventing, with “suicide-nets,” the death-wish of countless Chinese slaves who manufacture the Apple products that martian-looking mulatto blacktivists in the USA and elsewhere use to invent distractions from the fact black brains cannot handle the thinking necessary for success in the modern world.

“Just Do It!”

-motto of Nike, a multinational corporation that recently presented a colored-people-porn ad-campaign which featured, among much other politically loaded nonsense, the mongrel son of some white lady; a small, weak, unattractive girl “linebacker”; a hijabi who, it seems, is not a child-bride, despite worshiping a Mohammad who had several kid-concubines, nor is the hijabi one of countless melted victims of acid-attacks from members of her “religion of peace,” nor is she a Filipina slave of Saudi members of the “religion of peace” — but perhaps she is one of countless white-washed Arab and Persian traitors who aid and abet USA’s terrorism against real Muslims.

“Just Do It!”

-the simple-minded ideological-porn buzz-phrase of countless weak cowards, who “do” nothing more than they are let, and nothing less than what is commanded of them by their Hebrew herders.

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