When a hot “bitch” rejects the girl-feed of “nice guys” at the society-wide petting-zoo

“Girls don’t like boys; girls like cars and money . . . the girls with the bodies want boys with Ferraris” -Good Charlotte: Girls & Boys.

Translation: “Girls who are worth wanting do not think that I am worth wanting.”

Implication: “That’s not fair.”

Analysis: “Men’s sense of entitlement towards women often leaves them frustrated.”

Also, we know what the “girls with the bodies” want — they want “boys with Ferraris.”

…and what about the girls without “the bodies” — what do they want?

“Who THE FUCK cares?! I literally would not notice if all the girls in whom I am not sexually interested were to drop dead! LOL!”

-say the manic guys who are, when in their depressive phase, the same guys who bitch like bitches about “bitches” having preferences;

the same guys who pretend to be “nice guys” as a method of begging for pussy from “the girls with the bodies”;

the same guys who never quite learn that when a girls says she “likes nice guys” — part of what she usually means is that she wishes guys would be nice to her without then trampling her with feelings of entitlement towards her — not necessarily a sense of entitlement for sex or even affection (though, often enough those are a part of his sense of entitlement) yet his feeling of entitlement to… whatever he has been trained to believe is his entitlement;

further on such guys’ almost-universal sense of entitlement: these are the same guys who, no matter how tacky they are when putting her on the spot, expect her to be tactful in her responses…over…and over…and over..and over…and over;

these are the same delta-male hetero-faggots who have enough OCD to keep a detailed tally of every time she callously neglected to reward him for some nice-guy gimmick he thrust upon her in a given moment, out of the blue, which expressed nothing whatsoever to her about kindness towards her but rather only was an obvious attempt to saddle her with his neediness;

yet these hetero-faggots do not have enough “OCD” to take their analysis of her one step further, and to recognize clearly, and to admit, that they consider her to be simply a commodity; that they hope nothing of or for her but other than what they have come to believe are, or at least should be, her socially predetermined, socially mandatory responses for any guy who has done his part by being “nice” to her;

To wit, they believe her to be little more, or else nothing more, than a particularly agreeable creature at a society-wide petting zoo; and that if she doesn’t nibble enough at whatever girl-feed someone else sold him to give to her — he pretends she is a bitch, a tease, etc.

First, as to his selective attention to detail: his dysfunction is not an “OCD” that magically turns off when factoring in her perspective — it’s just him being a self-centered, mentally-mouth-breathing delta-male hetero-faggot who feels entitled to a woman for whom he has exactly nothing to offer beyond his neediness.

Second, as to his resentment of her because he pretends she cost him the price of the ineffective girl-feed with which he attempted to bait her: such resentment is just him being, again, a delta-male hetero-faggot, one who is too big of a pussy, too small of a dick, and too loose of an asshole to admit, even to himself, that his quarrel is not at all with her, but rather his adversaries are all the vultures who prey on his hopes of acquiring her as a commodity. And he is an absolute loser for wanting to grind her down into a commodity.

Nevertheless, all that these losers focus on is the “injustice” of how girls who are good enough (“the girls with the bodies”) — they don’t want him. Meanwhile, for all he knows or cares, the other girls (who aren’t worth wanting) have dropped dead.

Then it came to be that the soothing light at the end of his tunnel was not whatever reward to which he felt entitled: it was a freight-train coming in the opposite direction, filled with every kind of woman — hot, not, and debatable — all invoking his unconcern for the “worthless” women, all reflecting it back at him, in a unified voice: “The feeling is mutual.”

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