The state of global morality

“The state of global morality is strong!” -psychopaths

Eunuch-manufacturing, and other child-sacrifice, among the greatest bad moms on earth

“DAD is the absolute worst!,” agree sociopathic ‘single moms’ of USA’s death-cult and their tyrannical APA enablers, denouncing those doomed children afflicted with DAD: Disobedient Adolescent Disorder.

For her part in the APA cabal’s anti-truth, anti-freedom, anti-family pyramid-scheme conspiracies, countless a bad mother pledges to denounce her dysfunctional children for the effects of her neglect and ineptitude towards them, then to surrender authority over them to the APA corporate clergy.

In exchange, the APA agrees to politically absolve each obediently bad mom of her foolish decisions, and to label her not a failure but rather a victim.

In related news, the fifth edition of the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Bible clarifies that chemical castration of trans-children should begin no sooner than nine years after a sexist doctor’s inaccurate diagnosis of the trans-child’s true sex. Meanwhile, anti-reality death-cult activists heroically craft proposals to cage, for “dissemination of hate-facts,” any transphobic physician who, through the delusional voodoo of “biology,” peddles the myth of an epidemiological basis for not pretending the interchangeability of, as they put it, “the two genders.” Whatever that means.

Roos, ruse, and rues

Meanwhile, down under, uppity leftist politicians, increasingly unpopular with actual aussies, continue to expand their treasonous political conspiracy of swamping Australia with mentally castrated, politically docile, socially degenerate psychopaths from the Religion Of Peace™, whose rate of attacking emergency medical personnel during crises is as high as the USA’s first mulatto pot-head president during his time as a white-guilt mascot at Harvard Law School.

In other news, the island-nation’s pussy Prime Minister vows to impanel, immediately and continually, a slew of man-hating, penis-envying feminist slors to denounce whatever fake news Australia’s controlled media invents on a given day to distract attention away from Muslim rapists, Marxist radicals, and all other progressive heroes.

Unicorns, leprechauns, and Haitian dentists

Haiti continues to enjoy its independence, gallantly brought by white genocide: deftly eating mud, nobly expanding community access to STDs, and proudly begging white nations for charity. The shithole formerly known as Rhodesia looks on approvingly.

Equalizing sub-Saharan success

Elsewhere in wacky black governance, South Kaffirland vows to mirror Haiti’s paradise, by draining and destroying its own devil population, advancing its aims with the niggardly battle-cry of, “Death to the boering white farmers!”

Long live murderously racist black South Africa’s hilariously pitiful attempt to mimic parliamentary government! Their political conventions sound NOTHING like a cluster-fuck of frantic howler monkeys!

Black love and brown pride among simians

Africa is still rife with ape-on-ape slavery; and the chief enablers of African slavery are still the manic, boring blacktivist hypocrites who, through their white handlers, rally much faster, further, and fervently against the white words “ape-on-ape slavery” than they rally against rampant ape-on-ape slavery in Africa.

Perpetual winter of discontent: death by dearth of cultural enrichment

Iceland, Finland, etc. continue being white, i.e. smart, safe, and suicidal.

Piss-rainbow of ching-chongs

The Japanese, genetically yellow with envy, have formally denounced, as “dishonorable,” both hope and happiness.

China’s suicide-net stocks continue to soar.

Operation Sand-Nigger Freedom

Afghans and other sand-niggers continue to be liberated to death by the terroristic policies of neo-pseudo-liberals whose pallid skin benevolently crawls when they read the term “sand-nigger.”

Death and disease, by every other name

And the slithering JewSA wannabe-shadow-government continues to maintain countless satellite-State pedophilia harems, as one of many ways to entice and entrap its figureheads, rendering them all the more loyal for fear of being outed for kid-fucking; because kid-fucking is a horrible crime in the disguised eyes of both left and right, who yet comfortably carry on in a culture full of vultures who murder children, then market the carcasses as a technological venture.

And they ALL lived happily ever after.

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