Walter Scott

My name is Russ Lindquist, and I want to explain how White Privilege has preserved my freedom and saved my life.

I am writing this because today on Facebook, ole Willie at the job (my black e-friend who supports Obama in orange-face) was cracking black-Republican jokes about how White Privilege is a myth.

My own story of White Privilege

“If I could think of one example of White Privilege, it would be [cracks joke to trivialize the idea of White Privilege]” -Ole Willie at the job.

Well, if I could think of one example of White Privilege, it would be one time, while I was a white teenager.

Levar Jones

My white friend Jon and I were parked outside a convenience store in San Diego California, and we agreed that it would be “funny” if I went inside the store — carrying my friend’s Very-Real-Looking black toy gun.

I walked into the store holding the gun to my side, stood at the counter for a few seconds, in front of two cashiers and three or four customers, then walked out and sat in the passenger seat of my friend’s car.

My friend and I were laughing so hard that the loud tap on the window didn’t startle us, but it did get our attention. I turned around, and my face was inches away from the muzzle of a cop’s gun.

Tamir Rice

Long story short: cops called both our parents.

Longer story short:
(1) I am not dead;

(2) my friend Jon, soon after finishing high school, started working in law enforcement, and often bragged to his family and my brother about abusing prisoners. I don’t know if he’s retired yet, but he has no less than 20 years in.

(3) no record exists of our gun “joke,” despite that, by that time, I had been to jail a few times, including for a conviction on two felony counts.

(4) nevertheless, in the same city, and within a few years of that event, one of the nicest people I have ever known was brutally killed by police in what was almost immediately understood to be, and admitted to be, a case of “mistaken identity.”

he was a father with no criminal record. he was black.


Setting aside any and all excuses or “yeah but” that you’ve ever heard, or will ever hear, about how “White Privilege is a myth” (because talk of White Privilege triggers weak, cowardly, hypocritical whites} regardless: if you trust me to state accurately my experience, then now you know of at least one example of White Privilege. Further, you know that it would be quite reasonable for me to say that I am only alive today because of #MyWhitePrivilege.

Philando Castile

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