Moral superiority of White Culture druggies

Heroically AIDS-infected White Culture druggie Charlie Sheen sits with a couple of fading cave-beast white bitches, all celebrating Sheen’s latest release from a drug rehab center that is down the down the street from a jail full of poor people caged for drug crimes.

As always, any race can fester as a part of White Culture: you can be white as hell, black as heaven, and anything in between, and White Culture will welcome you — as long as you frantically obey to a self-destructive degree, keeping yourself optimally functional, which means as manic as possible, typically tipping, time and again, towards self-murder from the numbing misery of painting yourself into an emotional and social corner — where you hurriedly work to live and live to work.

Similarly, the unconstitutional, tyrannical (thankfully suicidal) police would cage less nigger druggies, if niggers would simply follow the trend of the nice White druggies of Silicon Valley and beyond — the burgeoning leaders of technocratic orthodoxy, who purge their illegally inefficient tendencies by binging not on lazy-nigger weed, but rather “mood-enhancing,” productivity-promoting poisons such as coffee, Adderall, and LSD.

It’s all just another way that the White Culture death-cult rewards the usefully sociopathic behavior of its weak, foolish White pawns; who, again, can be white as hell, black as heaven, and anything in between — even piss-colored Asians.

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