Anti-thought process of sadistic, proudly ‘single’ moms

“It is better to reign in the hell of my child’s sterilized, paralyzed doom than it could have ever been to serve in the heaven of their father’s superior perspective and authority,” repeated the sullen, sadistic ‘single mom’ constantly, silently, subconsciously; forever feigning silver-linings for her self-indulgent decision to multiply and escalate, for that child, the world’s confusing, frightening, frustrating gauntlets — thereby plunging more slowly, steadily, proudly into the misery and insanity of knowing that her own cowardly pride and vanity destroyed the child’s ability to hope and even to dream, relegating them instead to a life patterned after her own: of petty, cynical self-destruction masked as a series of justified reactions, the justifications for which becoming increasingly irrational.

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