Tyrants, through the eye of their own needle, into oblivion

“It is easier for a normal man to masturbate while looking at Rosie O’Donnell or Hillary Clinton or Ellen Degenerate or the murdered children which those boring bitches celebrate — than for a gaudy myopic fraud to speak honestly” -Matthew 19:24 (paraphrased).

Revenge of the neurotic, narcissistic nerds: Petite-technocrats Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey

Mark Zuberk_crop_582x626-300x322.png

Mark Zuckerberg discusses the importance of impeding the free exchange of ideas.

Mark Zuckerberg, the palest loser among a sea of losers on Facebook, is a goofy, narcissistic, unlikable, antisemitic pseudo-Jew. Moreover, plenty would exclaim that to maintain Zuckerberg’s level of neurotic thought-policing must be mentally and emotionally draining; however, as an apologist for anti-Torah Zionism, Zuckerberg’s mind and emotions were stripped from him long ago, and he now functions only by greed, vanity, and other such delusions.

Furthermore, for holohoaxing losers like Zuckerberg, autocracy is positively cathartic: if they cannot stand up to their overbearing Jewish parents, and if they cannot speak out against the tedium of Jewish culture — then at least they can boss around all the miserable, brain-dead minions under their ZOG influence.


Feeble, freedom-fearing fraud: CEO Jack Dorsey spending time with a vain, talentless ornament that he purchased.

Years after Twitter CEO Jack “smug rodent” Dorsey parlayed self-worship as a barely-paid fashion model into a Jesus Complex which compels him to save the world by memory-holing the hate-speech of his political opponents and using his brief bull-horn to parrot propaganda of the democrat death-cult, Dorsey is still going strong — though “strong” is a relative term when describing the frail political antics of limp losers like Dorsey.

“If I cannot stand up to my overbearing Jewish parents, and if I cannot speak out against the tedium of Jewish culture — then at least I can boss around all the miserable, brain-dead minions under ZOG influence!” -Facebook CEO Mark “Humanoid” Zuckerberg.

USA’s first mulatto president

first mulatto president promoting the murder of children

Delusional mulatto fraud, Barack Obama, advocating for the murder of children, while feigning a confidence that delusional mulatto frauds like him never even nearly feel.

The volatility and disloyalty of hybrids are well-established zoological inevitabilities. Thus no zoologists were surprised when a Hawaii-raised, Harvard-trained hybrid — millionaire mongrel Barack Obama Jr. — denounced, as “racist,” its own white grandmother, despite the fact that same pale saint had dutifully wasted years of her life to nurture and protect the spawn of a goofy little nigger — Barack Obama Sr. — who had beaten, impregnated, beaten, and abandoned her daughter — Obama Jr’s white mother.

Of course, by gnawing off the only limb that ever provided it with a sense of self, the mongrel only burned its own bridge to self-awareness and self-examination; and those ashes account perfectly for how such a pitiful fraud can smile so widely, while feeling so empty, amid the pale, sickly pretenses of the Democrat death-cult.


bernie sanders getting culturally enriched by feral black ''protesters''

Racist, sexist, antisemitic kike opportunist Bernie Sanders backs up and sits down after being upstaged and shouted down by the feral black “protester” hypocrites who white-trash psuedo-liberals like Sanders love to leverage for brow-beating sane dissenters into political submission.

On and on it went: from Zuckerberg and Dorsey, to Obama and its chimeric kind; from billionaire George Soros advocating for deeper and deeper black swamps in white lands while himself tucked away in his own whites-only fortifications, to billionaire tax-cheat Warren Buffett leveraging government against his corporate opponents by pretending a desire to pay high taxes; from billionaire African-exterminator Bill Gates pretending an interest in African health, to petite-billionaire Bono pretending a faith in open gates from within his secluded fortresses:

the sly, slippery sand slid its way quickly down the hourglass, disappeared, and was forgotten.

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