Cage Rules.

(1) Water dish.

(a) Definition: Water Dish is Water Dish.

(b) Rule: Water Dish must be placed against Cage, with both Cage-mate indentification symbols facing toward red edge of Cage.

(2) Food.

(a) Definition: food is food.

(b) Rules:

(1) Food must be eaten.

(2) After eating, anything that falls out must be eaten.

(3) If anything falls out of Cage-mate, eat it.

(3) Genitalia, Genitalia Removal, Itching, Scratching, Scar, Unsealed Ear.

(a) Definitions:

(1) Genitalia is Genitalia.

(2) Genitalia Removal is Genitalia Removal.

(3) Itching is Itching.

(4) Scratching is Scratching.

(5) Itching Scar is an Itching Scar.

(6) Scratching Scar is the act of Scratching Scar.

(7) Unsealed Ear is the ear that has not been melted shut.

(b) Rules:

(1) Scar that itches at any time after Genitalia-Removal must only be scratched if scar can be scratched discreetly.

(2) If Cage-mate noticeably scratches Scar, then bite Cage-mate’s Unsealed Ear to remember Rule.

(4) Motivation-Inducing Object, Offense.

(a) Definitions:

(1) Motivation-Inducing Object is the Object that induces Motivation.

(2) Offense is Offense.

(b) Rules:

(1) Motivation-Inducing Object enjoyed in cage must not Offend.

(2) Possibility of Offense = Exclusion.


(4) If Cage-mate’s Motivation-Inducing Object offends, then bite Cage-mate’s Unsealed Ear to remember Rule.

(5) Designated Breeders, Small Ones.

(a) Definitions:

(1) Designated Breeders are Designated Breeders.

(2) Small Ones are Small Ones.

(b) Rules:

(1) If Cage-mate is Designated Breeder, then Small Ones will fall out of Cage-mate.

(2) Inspect Small Ones by smelling.

(3) If Small Ones seem bad, then eat them.

(4) If Cage-mate notices and reacts, then bite Cage-mate’s Unsealed Ear to remember Rule.

(6) Work End.

(a) Definition: Work End is Work End.

(b) Rules:

(1) Eleven o’clock = Work End.

(2) Complete all Assigned Forms.

(3) Return keyboard to desk drawer.

(4) Turn off monitor.

(5) Look at Cage-mate, then look away.

(6) Turn on Nuclear-Cellular Implant.

(7) Receive injection of Chemo-Adrenaline.

(8) After regaining consciousness, leave Cage.

(9) Enter Sleeping Quarters.

(10) After completing Sleep, return to Cage.

-United Nations Magna Carta, 2080.

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