Jewish neurosis.jpg

Reality as a hate-crime: Countless dog-whistles exist to plunge petty-bourgeoise Jews into a proud and petty panic, compelling them to call in favors from their elite enablers to silence the thought-crime of statements of verifiable fact.

metzitzah b'peh.jpg

Jewish man sucking a baby’s mutilated penis. What? Don’t be antisemitic. Fun fact: In the mind of plenty suicidal, psychopathic Jews: If Jewish-run media ignores and hides mutilation and molestation (and occasional death) of Jewish babies — for example by frantically focusing their pawns’ attention on catholic priests who teach boys to masturbate in order to maintain celibacy more easily — then no consequences will come from the countless (literally uncounted) Jews who mutilate and molest (and sometimes kill) Jewish babies, through the death-cult ritual of Metzitzah B’peh.

The modus operandi of atheistic Ashkenazi pseudo-Jews, as the world’s most lovably sociopathic victim-tyrants, is to plague each other’s minds with constant new designs for echoing and amplifying their respective and collective addiction to pretending political inferiority and moral superiority, while belied by any and every bit of available evidence.

With minds frozen by hatred for their overbearing mother and psycho-babbling father, these jester-Jews invent endless tight-minded tightrope sashays, to deflect and explain away their total inability to function happily in normal society — the males’ earliest tactile memory being often enough that of a Jewish man mutilating the remembering child’s genitals, and sometimes sucking on the wound;

and the females’ plight of being easily among the most constricted and conflicted people in the world — yet thus embattled by a cult that, by their utility to their elite patrons, are generally untouchable, often unmentionable, thus condemned to sequestration away from the civilizing effects of society.


The Jewess, in her (sociopolitical) natural habitat: being misrepresented.

Moreover, enough analysts readily recognize the retarding effect of such sequestration, whenever such recognition serves to gaslight the plight of black slave-descendents whole fail to navigate deftly enough the stiff and stuffy gauntlets of the white-supremacist death-cults.

Yet these same analysts, universally paid for and prodded by either injudicious Jews else the patrons who profit thereby, fail to extend, to Jews, such an iron-fist analysis of the retarding effect of limitless social license — ever sought, and often got, by the glutted, softly golden boys of byzantine bureaucracy. Instead, these philosophically feral frauds are let not simply to write their own checks — but as well to cash them, and even to borrow against them.

Thence, a hyper-evolved version of affluenza: Jewfluenza, the effects of which account perfectly for rampant Jewish misery and suicidality; as such almost-Jews neurotically profess themselves wise, becoming ever weaker fools.

marlon brando

Weak, effeminate Italian-American actor Marlon Brando, portraying a badass shot-calling “Godfather,” in a story written and directed by a couple of crippled, awkward Italians — then Jew-produced; much the same way that Hollywood Jews now produce stories of badass, super-capable black people — written often enough by emotionally and morally retarded black weaklings. Brando, later in life, forgot that he was nothing but a fraudulent, hyped-up pet used by Jews to deflect, onto Italians (and now blacks), Jewish gangsterism in the USA and around the world. On account of Brando’s forgetfulness, while being interviewed by Larry King, Brando criticized hyper-tribal “Jews in Hollywood” for being insensitive to the plight of USA’s black slave-descendents — and not portraying them in a sympathetic enough, or even fair, light. The result was nothing like that enjoyed by Brando’s badass “Godfather” character: Brando ended up crying like a bitch in a public apology, taking it all back, and begging the Jewish hands that feed him not to cut him off or kill him.

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