Sexist room temperatures, sexist bathroom lines, and man-hating lesbian psychopath Cynthia Nixon


man in a wig in a bathroom

Long before leftist women were trained by patriarchs’ pseudo-feminist minions to parrot concern about granting men in wigs access to little girls in bathrooms, the sub-women were complaining, as they often enough still do, about the long lines AND long waits when they seek to use a public bathroom, especially at special events. Time: Everyday Sexism of Women Waiting in Public Toilet Lines.

Meanwhile, the long lines and long waits for women’s bathrooms are the direct result of women in bathrooms taking advantage of the female privilege to take their time in bathrooms. Men don’t have such a privilege, thus men don’t ‘take their time’ in a public bathroom, thus the men move faster, thus the lines move faster. And thus, to weak-minded sexist feminists, men being withheld the privilege of taking their time in a bathroom — i.e. the social expectation of men’s efficiency — translates into a male privilege of quicker access to bathrooms. Of course, this is a matter of simple math, which to weak-minded sexist feminists means complex magic; and it could all be solved, if only weak-minded sexist feminists weren’t such cultish, credulous, chauvinistic hypocrites.

She-solution to the downside of female privilege: Break rules!

silvia saint bathroom

Silvia Saint demanding the right to use the men’s bathroom. The man, being a progressive gentleman, approves her request. #IndependentWoman.

Weak-minded, sexist feminists — with no sense of politics beyond begging for allowances while pretending to demand them — cling like leeches to everything they are ever given. They are trained to want their quark cake — that can be in two places at once: in their stomach and on their plate. In bathroom etiquette, this translates into them taking as much time as they want when they are in the bathroom, while then breaking whatever rules they want to break whenever they are inconvenienced by other women taking all the time they want in a bathroom.

BREAKING NEWS: A semi-attractive, porn-face woman with silly eyebrows, reporting in negligee, discovers that a woman who is now too old and ugly to receive license from men for her sociopathic behavior — had a rule enforced against her! Valley News Live: Woman gets kicked out of Fargo Dome for using men’s bathroom.

And if there’s one thing more sexist than bathroom lines, it is office thermostats (up next). Yet all this misogyny can be solved — if only we elect enough self-indulgent, penis-envying, man-hating, child-endangering psychopaths who indulge in homosexualism!

She-candidate Cynthia Nixon campaigns to be New York governor, proudly citing her advocacy of misandry, sterility, and death

Out to save the world from itself Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni -- two self-indulgent, penis-envying, man-hating, child-endangering psychopaths who indulge in homosexualism1

Out to save the world from itself! Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni: two self-indulgent, penis-envying, man-hating, child-endangering psychopaths who indulge in homosexualism. #Progress.

Out-to-save-the-world-from-itself-Cynthia-Nixon-and-Christine-Marinoni----two-self-indulgent,-penis-envying,-man-hating,-child-endangering-psychopaths-who-indulge-in-homosexualismSpeaking of weak-minded sexist feminists: At the 2018 gubernatorial debate for New York, when some white trash homosexualist from Sex and the City was asked why, considering her complete lack of political experience, New Yorkers should be confident to elect her as the executive officer over twenty million people and their 170-billion dollar economy, the response by Cynthia ‘the fat-armed lesbian’ Nixon was that, “for seventeen years,” she has been “fighting for LGBT rights, and women’s rights, and abortion rights.”

And now that she has locked in the suicidal homosexualist demographic; the man-hating, penis-envying loser demographic; and the execution-worthy child-murderer demographic — now what?

Such is the myopic mindset of those who shall forever wonder in amazement as to why bathroom lines are longer and slower for time-wasting dawdlers.

Plight of the bull-dyke

Among the “everyday sexism” faced by Nixon at the debate event: As a weak-minded, sexist feminist, Nixon would have preferred that the men running the facility set the man-made thermostat higher, so that the man-made, man-installed, and man-maintained air-conditioning system would have better coincided with her female privilege of wearing clothes that are less modest, more comfortable, and allow her to stay cooler — as compared to her non-woman opponent, who is socially mandated to wear the kind of mood-circumsizing clothes that force men to constantly, carefully manage their moods and movements, so as to avoid becoming too hot.

Meanwhile, weak-minded, sexist feminist will continue to pretend that it is just a preference — thus, a privilege — for a male politician to bundle up in an uncomfortable, man-mandated uniform in order to croon about the need to protect “women and children” (i.e. control them — especially through indulgence, for example by pandering to women’s childish notions about toilets and temperatures — oh, and myths of a gender pay-gap).

Thermostat Wars at the office

“The place is, like, totally cold, and guys are, like, wearing shorts!”
-countless sterilized, sedentary penis-envying bores, each daily begging and nagging one or more guys to subsidize her sloth at work, school, etc.

Molly Mahannah cold at work

Some sterilized, declining bore, who stuck cotton up herself, then rushed to a job she hates, so she can afford to buy things she doesn’t need, to impress people she doesn’t like. You know: empowerment.

For more about how everyone is sexist for not juggling and shifting women’s privileges fast enough to give women everything they want constantly, check out the following political porn of some Princeton-trained, man-faced Jewess, in her take on how Office [Thermal] Formula Was Devised for Men. Notice how, by giving the unattractive girl featured in the article what she wants in this moment for this mood, we would be saving the world — by adjusting our behavior to accord better with the Climate Alarmist myth of “Climate Change.” And also notice the simple math formula thrown into the article, to add credibility — by wowing credulous people.


The moral of the story is that politics and society, as well as life itself — these are nothing but a soap opera romance novel; and the soap opera romance novel should be led by self-indulgent, penis-envying, man-hating, child-endangering psychopaths who indulge in homosexualism. #Progress.

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