Justice for Robert A. Williams

JUSTICE for Robert A Williams

JUSTICE for my nigga, Robert A Williams FRFR!!

Check it. Once upon a mufuckin time, some lying white bitch made up a story about my nigga Robert A. Williams. But the nigga was sure that the situation would solve itself. After all, it was 2008, and white Amerikkka had elected the first “black” president, and thus finally began repenting for what someone else did hundreds of years ago.

Fun fact: Thousands of blacks owned slaves in the 17th and 18th centuries in the land now called the USA.

An honest mufuckin mistake, a new start, and a modern lynching

Williams was in New York celebrating Obama’s election by waiting for Ann Prunty in an elevator, stalking her until she reached her apartment, imprisoning her there, raping and torturing her for 19 hours — drowning her in bleach, scalding her with boiling water, and slicing her eyelids — and then setting her apartment on fire, leaving the crakkka bitch tied to her futon to die.

Fun fact: As porn and rap tells us, all snowbeast white bitches crave a nigga dick because pink crakkka dick small as a finger, but sometimes white bitches be frontin, so a nigga gotta, gnome sayin, force a bitch a little bit. Rap is a cause; add “e” for Effect, and you get rape.

But Williams’ celebration eventually turned into a nightmare several months later, when the crakkka pigs caught up with the unarmed black man — and called him a “nigger,” while arresting him for the mistakes he made way back in the past — almost a year before! At the time of the arrest, Williams was getting his life back together, and even had a 10-year-plan which included preparing for the GED. On my mama, these crakkka mufuckas can’t stand watching a black kang thrive!

Fun fact: In Amerikkka, More whites than blacks are shot and killed by cops.

Crakkka courts be bullshitting

During trial, things were only worse. The courtroom was filled with white devils. And that dumb white devil snitching bitch Ann Prunty was there — looking all stupid and crying. We thought that bitch wuz dead yo!

The judge kept bullshitting too, my nigga. This mufucka had the nerve to ask a nigga, “You got anything to say?” Hell yeah, niggas got something to say bitch nigga. You’s a mufuckin herb. Off top.

And the bitch-ass public defender kept acting like a pussy, being all polite and shit to the judge. Them two probably faggots together.

Then the nigga Williams said, “What the fuck, gnome saying? White niggas be raping and torturing bitches all the time — and them niggas get parades and shit, and blowjobs from the police chief! Nigga, BLACK LIVES MATTER, and ya’ll some mufuking (((RACISTS)))!!!!!”

A blinding white light. And only silence. The light slowly faded. Throughout the courtroom — bodies laid everywhere. Williams was alone.

The black rapist torturer’s powerful accusation of “racism!” had summoned the wrath of black Jesus, who killed all dem crakkka mufuckas where dey stood.

Still shackled and unsure but smiling, my nigga Williams slowly rose up from his chair, shuffle-stepped his way over to the dead crakkka bailiff; and he unlocked, for the last time, da white man’s handcuffs of tyranny. My nigga stepped over all da dead white devils, and da nigga was gone out da door of da mufuckin courtroom.

The nigga stepped outside into the mufuckin sunlight and breathed in the fresh New York air as a free man, remembering the words of his favorite short, black-woman-beating hero, Martin Luther King Jr.: “Free at last, free at last — thank black God almighty, ya nigga free at…” — just then, a yung bol from da block run up and headshot dat nigga Williams and ganked da nigga chain and kicks. The bol start to run off — then another nigga smoked THAT nigga and stole THAT nigga chain and kicks AND da other nigga shit too; and then that nigga start to run — and ON GOD, another nigga kilt THAT nigga and jacked all THREE them niggas shits!!!

And this procession of murder-robbery, one after another, continued on down the street, then off into the distance — slowly disappearing into the mufuckin horizon.

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