Hate-speech as classist thought-crime


In front of a racially mixed crowd at Lestat’s open-mic in San Diego, California; the white guy, via a “joke,” illustrated the modern Civil War:

“What do you call a black guy flying a plane?”

From the back, a black stranger:
“Don’t get fucked up!”
*crowd laughs*

The white guy:
“…the pilot.”

Chorus of violent black and white thought-crime sentries:
“Oh! hahahah!”

The tyrannical thought-crime of “hate-speech” codes serves to separate further the mind and mouth, but only among those people in the lower classes: those exposed only to the lower lyrics of lamentation, supposition, and suggestion — those unable to surmise, much less edify, by theory or narration alone id est the longer prose by which the favored let each other think aloud without fear of sirens from lurking sentries — especially Jews, blacks, homos, womens, and Canadians.

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