Hillary Clinton’s kryptonite: Women she can’t bully and torture

Once upon a time in New Hampshire; Hillary Clinton, the patriarchy’s most famous faux-feminist pawn, was giving a speech about the important of electing, for president, the USA’s only presidential candidate ever to use their Law degree with the top Law school in the world to win freedom for a child-raping client by terrorizing, in court, the rapist’s 12-year-old victim, Kathy Shelton, who was raped so savagely that it sterilized her for life.

Clinton was asked about her inconsistent statements regarding the anti-science, socialist myth of Climate Alarmism aka “Climate Change.” Soon, during Clinton’s rambling sermon response, a bit of incensed, ill-informed female scenery failed to sit down and shut up fast enough; so one of Clinton’s goon handlers appeared out of nowhere, and tried to forced the misinformed, earth-worshiping hippie into her seat — by pushing down on her shoulders with both hands.

Weak, sneaky losers being what they are — the petty-patriach could not act fast nor forcefully enough, having sexistly misunderestimated how easy it is to push a woman around.

The fiasco barely got coverage, and it seems that no one especially focused on the assault by the “I’m with her®” henchman, who, after his robotic attack and then shifty attempt at playing it off, quickly sank back into the background, like the dying coward he is, along with all the other shark-faced minder men — behind all the shiny, credulous, featured she-pawns.


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