The political panacea called “Autism”

“You poisoned all your children, to camouflage your scars” -Marilyn Manson.

The diagnosis of “Autism” is a sadistic, pseudo-scientific fraud, perpetrated against innocent men and children by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), a group of psychopaths who serve as the secular clergy for tyrants in the USA and beyond.

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) is the bible of the APA. Written by psychopaths, and intended for psychopaths, the DSM is nothing more than the manic, morbid scribblings of morally dead dictators, who aim to normalize torture and terror against children, young and old.

DSM prescriptions and proscriptions often “solve” symptoms — in the same way that amputating a leg would “solve” an itchy foot, or killing your neighbor’s dog can “solve” its barking.

The APA’s purpose is to empower corrupt government, by emboldening bad moms, by disenfranchising fathers and all other authentic authority figures — brothers, uncles, grandfathers, etc. — in order to control them all, by destroying the family structure, then filling the vaccuum with a totalitarian socialist patriarchy, whose pawns-of-choice will always be weak, petty, penis-envying, sterilized faux-feminist matrons.

The APA strives for this by their limitless, fraudulent diagnoses (for example Autism), affixed as Scarlet Letters onto children who have been neglected and abused by government agents, especially bad moms.

“What about bad dads?!” The victims of bad dads are called “victims.” The victims of bad moms are called “autistic,” and “ODD,” and “ADHD,” etc.

(Follow the above ADHD link to find “wearing others out with constant activity” as a sign that a child has a “brain disorder.” Imagine that: it’s not that a fat, lazy, cowardly, credulous, hypocritical ‘single mom’ is easily worn out by the “constant activity” of the undue burden whom she foolishly forwent killing in her womb when she had the chance — her child just has “ADHD.”)

Meanwhile, the cowards and fools of pop-culture religiously parrot the APA battlecry of, “Destigmatize mental illness!” — which is nothing more, and nothing less, than a call to “destigmatize” any and every obvious and massive downside that comes by submitting to the APA’s asserted authority over virtually every aspect of everyone’s lives.

Following is a brief illustration of the fraud called Autism, and the obvious social retardation, and governmental corruption, from which such false conditions distract.

Impaired social functioning as “Autism”

Autism is a personality disorder, characterized by “impaired social functioning.” And “impaired social functioning” is a fancy way to say “social disobedience.”

One way to convey “impaired social functioning” is by saying, to the cowards and fools of pop culture, that “vaccines cause various forms of brain-damage, which puppet whores of the pharmaceutical monolith then dismiss with fraudulent diagnoses such as ‘autism.'”

And one way to believe that vaccines cause brain-damage (and death) — is by reading the labels of vaccines.

Another way is to hear it straight from the CDC itself: “Vaccines can cause serious injury or death.

Disordered prediction as “Autism”

Autism is a disorder of prediction” -MIT neuroscientist Pawan Sinha, aka some hyper-socialized dalit.

“Take me as I am. This may mean
you’ll have to be a stronger man. Rest assured that when I start to make you nervous, and I’m going to extremes, tomorrow I will change — and today won’t mean a thing!” -Meredith Brooks, conveying the hip sassy psychopathy of patriarchy’s pseudo-feminist foot-soldiers, in her 1997 hit song “Bitch.”

“Inconsistent, hypocritical bitches are silly, sassy, and endearing” -pop culture.

“Guys have a mental disorder when they fail to accurately predict how they should respond to inconsistent, hypocritical bitches” -also pop culture.

Repetitive behavior as “Autism”

“A circumcised child with circumscribed options evinces ‘autism’ when responding less than ideally to the social cattle-prods intended to corral them into enjoying the diversity of their few allowable options” – Psychopaths of the American Psychiatric Association, the National Education Association (aka Barren Bitches Bureau), Etc.

Limited interests as “Autism”

“OMG!! He didn’t even want to come to our party! He has such limited interests! He must have the autism! I learned that from some decrepit, delusional she-psychologist who was chattering to my favorite bald, beady-eyed eunuch — Dr. Phil!” -some tedious bitch.

…maybe. Or maybe your parties are boring; and you, your bitch friends, and their eunuch enablers are all unlikeable.

“Her little man’s interests were always limited to whatever hobby he could half-engage in, while he obediently waited within earshot to walk mama through some obvious process that she was too vain, careless, and absent-minded to learn for herself.”

Survival instincts as “Autism

During egg farming, male chicks are tossed into a grinder to be mutilated to death, since they do not lay eggs. And the beaks of female chicks are burned off, so that when they are condemned to terribly cramped spaces alongside one another — to lay eggs until they drop dead — without beaks, they will be less likely to cause a profit-loss by killing each other when they inevitably begin to peck each other maniacally, once they become insane from discomfort and misery.

During child farming, males are only tossed into a grinder of certain death during times of immediate war. Otherwise, farmers burn off the mental and moral beaks of all children, so that the children will not damage each other too badly, once they become insane from being caged, cramped, and terrorized into obedience — after abandonment by their parents, so the parents can turn wrenches for the war machine.

And any child who somehow maintains their mental or moral compass — and, with it, either wrongly antagonizes or wrongly encourages the nicely docile, obedient others — such a child is a genius and an athlete, who suffers from mega- super- doubleplus Autism.

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