Mexican food, gender wage-gaps, and manly social-justice

At the elegant Persian eatery Bahar, in colorless shiny Orange County California, a handful of Mexican men bustle about in the background — as the ones who actually make the food. Bahar, the ‘Persian delicatessen’ — is Mexican food.

Such is the trend throughout the USA: countless white-washed cultureless drones buzzing around their regional cubicles, desperately searching for a mental morphine-drip of faux-diversity — and they end up eating Mexican food masked as something more ‘impressive.’


Setting aside the manic, misandrist myths of a ‘gender wage gap’: in reality, “to the victor goes the spoils;” which, in these cases means, “to the lowest (capable) bidder goes the employment contract” (assuming no appreciable difference among applicants as to their docility and deference to the corporate structure).

Mexican men (even when working legally) consistently underbid white women (and everyone else) as cooks, and so they are hired to cook food.

Hide your Mexicans (and your eunuchs)

Of course the Bahars of the world do not advertise their dependence on Mexican labor — you don’t see “Bahar Exquisite Persian Cuisine…brought to you by dingy Mexican men;” just as ‘gurl power’ feminist franchises give no nods to their operation’s desperate dependence on man-made systems, which the feminists can only even head with the help of one or more self-abasing eunuchs who work tirelessly behind the scenes.

Desperate, dickless fraud interrupts and defames diligent, big-dicked white guy

The moral of the story: once upon a time, as a guest at the million dollar Orange County home of a Persian, I happened to broach the preceding subject by stating that, “Bahar has nothing but Mexicans working in the back.”

But no further analysis followed. Rather, another guest — a white, dickless, uninformed social-justice warrior — imploded the atmosphere by simply, sternly, and groundlessly doubting the fact of Bahar’s hiring practices; because she knew that any white man must be lying if he says anything about a non-white person, other than a compliment or an apology.

She knows this because, years prior, she was ‘open-minded’ enough to fuck a Mexican . . . and turn his cum into a kid (which the Mexican summarily abandoned) . . . and so she would betray her mitad-Mexican spawn, if she were to accept my statement of what I saw at Bahar. #MoodBasedSheLogic.

In related news: a few weeks back, an equally uninformed sexist, racist, dickless hypocrite staged a protest on a plane, to prevent the deportation of a nobly brown immigrant. The dumbass white bitch was a worldwide hero . . . for about two days, at which point a flaw emerged in her rabid, racist, brown-based activism: the man was being deported for severe domestic violence against his wife and daughter.

Manly social-justice

In related news, long before the rootless racist spewed her stupid at me in that house, I had several times taunted the owner whenever he would femininely opine on what USA owes blacks, what Zionists owe Palestinians, etc. My oft-repeated refrain, in so many words: “Well, actions of justice speak louder than theories of justice — so you could always return, say to the Mexicans who house-keep for you, the mansion you live in, that is built on occupied Mexican land.

Now imagine how that Persian owner felt about the sexist, dickless know-nothing, as she tried to paint me as someone ‘insensitive’ to wetbacks.

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