Lesson to blacks about white moral-superiority

Everyone knows a great way to save USA’s black people from their own folly and frailty. Two examples are Jesse Lee Peterson and Gavin McInnes.

Peterson insists that for black people to rise to the heights of white righteousness — blacks need only let go of their anger, and go from rage to responsibility.

Venerable vanilla political-eunuch McInnes explained to sassy, hypertensive homo blacktivist Gazi Kodzo: “Whites are just, like, better at systems.”

One way or another — whether ceasing anger; or being better at, like, systems; or otherwise — blacks have a lot of work ahead of them to cross the huge divide which separates them from white superiority. Yet the most fundamental failing of blacks, as Peterson often reminds, is the moral failing of blacks. Thus, the greatest lessons which whites can teach blacks will be moral lessons. And the most fundamental moral lesson is acceptance of personal responsibility.

Black mediocrity

Anytime a socially-tortured black falls short of white rightness, the white death-cult understandably casts aspersions on black people generally — asking why the masses of violent, lazy, corrupt blacks don’t navigate more effectively the pale, sickly, hypocritical gauntlets of the white death-cult. Invariably, the violent, lazy, corrupt black majority just makes excuses for black criminality — because they are sub-human animals, too stupid to think white. Therefore, the white-death cult and its pale and sickly legacy of slavery and terrorism against blacks is completely justifiable.

White superiority

In contrast to black moral mediocrity, whites have always set impressive examples of racial superiority, especially in matters of morality. For example: during the time of USA’s Founding Fathers, many of the most manly, moral white men would congregate in Delaware to fuck 7-year-old nigger children — 7 being the age of consent in the State[1] and niggers being property.

Yet throughout the years of fucking 7-year-old nigger children in Delaware, two accidents often happened:

(1) In hopes of better whips and chains, sometimes evil slave-parents would sneak their 5-year-old into the Founding Fathers’ orgy, and then one or more of the Founders would, mistaking the child for 7, fuck the 5-year-old slave-child vigorously and cum in it.

(2) Sometimes mistaking a freed 7-year-old mulatto for an enslaved 7-year-old nigger, the nobly white Founding Fathers would fuck the freed mulatto, despite gloriously white rules against that particular kind of kid-fucking.

However, despite these two common mistakes, the white moral-superiority of the Founding Fathers shone through by their response to the mistakes. The heroic whites did not complain or grumble or cry[2] — they took white responsibility:

  1. If a Founding Father accidentally rage-fucked a 5-year-old slave child that he mistook to be a 7-year-old slave child, then the Founder politely apologized for the misunderstanding, and shook the hand of the bloody, unconscious 5-year-old slave; often the Founder would even pay for the stitches needed to sew up the mutilated slave-hole.
  2. If a Founding Father accidentally tore up some non-slave mulatto kid-twat, then the Founder magnanimously apologized, and, if the kid-pussy was particularly good, then the Founder often offered to take the child as a permanent cum-dumpster concubine!


Those two examples are among countless, where whites have led the way in morality, by leading the way in accepting personal responsibility. These social habits, along with “superior systems” as McInnes mentions, are why whites dominate in the world. It has nothing to do with the mythology which blacktivist Kodzo hatefully spews about whites “plundering the world” and “terrorizing indigenous populations” and “mobilizing massive mind-control to pit people against each other.”

We do not see any of that. Constantly. It is all just the paranoia of morally inferior black people.

End notes

1. The age-of-consent in Delaware, during the time of the Founding Fathers, was seven. Powell (1896), Papers and Addresses (of the First National Purity Congress, 1895), page 5.

2. In 2011, a condescending, Harvard-trained millionaire mulatto, after being raised by his white grandparents in Hawaii, demanded that black people “march with [him],” in support of his second bid to be an anti-black figurehead to distract from, and amplify, Zionist terrorism throughout the world.

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