Sparkle and fade of physically flexible, mentally locked, neurotic narcissistInc misandrists


This is me.
I’ve always felt like I don’t fit into this body, I’ve been mean to myself, unkind.
To me my body was always too much something: too soft, too feminine, too wide.
I’m not naturally muscled or toned, I’ve wide hips, tiny waist and enough boobs. I certainly do not have a thigh gap.
I’ve always felt like I wanted to shrink, to somehow disappear, I’ve never felt comfortable in this body.
. F*** THAT
I’ve never cared about how I might look to the eyes of a guy (luckily enough), but sad story… I’ve always felt the pressure of how other girls might look at me, what they could think about me, my body. That felt scary. Crazy right?
I think this is important, we as women should support each other, inspire each other, and bring out of each other’s the goddesses that are within us! Never ignite other women’s insecurities.
We are all meant to love ourselves, to love and to be loved.
I see you and love you! ❤️
#lovewins #lovefirst #selflove
P.s. this is taking everything out of me to post 😂 .


-2018 words of a popular pseudo-yogi on instagram, one of countless rudderless female beggars there and beyond; who, even as they fade, still insist on misunderstanding that their obsession with obeying the political, unnatural, anti-family, anti-life mandate of unconcern towards men — this necessarily necessitates, and continually causes, the very vulva-centric masochism which these womb-less womyn hope to undo — by digging themselves ever deeper into a pit of (patriarch-prized) miserable misandrist matriarchy.

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