Various perspectives on the “duty to rescue”

“It seems that I will never be able to actually help others, as everyone I see trapped — they are trapped in prisons which they created for themselves. And the moment I break the prison bars, then they will, without exception or pause, start to blame me for everything that happens outside the cell. Embrace that passionately, penetrating its vagina with my penis! The only people whom I will help are my spawn, and those who come to me for help in a way that makes clear their true desire to actually be helped!” -Some puerto rican guy.


Winston Churchill AKA the noble lipless vanilla frog

White supremacists: “there exists a duty to rescue!”

“There exists a Duty to Rescue, whereby one must risk injury and death to supplement the poor foresight and bad choices of others!” -Western common law.

White jesus: “A ‘duty to rescue’? Nah, nigga!”

“Whoever digs a pit will fall into it; if someone rolls a stone, it will roll back on them.” Proverbs 26:27, NIV. “Let the wicked fall into their own nets, [as you] pass by in safety.” Psalm 141:10.


“Nah, fuck ’em” -White jesus


Lin Yutang

Lin Yutang: “A ‘duty to rescue’? Nah, nigga!”

“There is a joy in watering a potted flower, and watching one’s neighbor fall off his roof, regardless that taskmasters would mask, by academic jargon, these simple phenomena, as a trick to conceal the weak pleas of desperate beggars for ‘unity’ as a way to stupefy and control.” Lin Yutang, The enjoyment of living: on lying in bed (paraphrased).

russ lindquist

Russ Lindquist

Russ: “A ‘duty to rescue’? Nah, nigger!”

And what if, all around you, there are countless people falling off roofs, so-to-speak? Is this not paradise? For even the most manic autocrat cannot, with any efficiency, outlaw failures to act: The adjudication of failures to act would be far too costly, since the defense need simply “play dumb,” which is an airtight defense in an autocrat’s dumbed-down culture.


Thus the catharsis of ignoring those whose every act, even every mannerism, is a crying out to be saved from themselves — even as, “If your goal is to save them from themselves, then eventually they will seek someone to save them from you; and you will be the dragon.” Russ Lindquist, Fuck Romance Novels: Let HER die (paraphrased).


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