The moral superiority of white supremacy’s slave descendants

“The British want to reduce us to the level of the raw kaffir (mega n-word), groused Gandhi lugubriously.

“The Democrat Party would see slavery extended even to the point of snaring us fine white people,” Lincoln lamented colorlessly (paraphrased).

A comical amount of the seminal jurisprudence which unlies the lies of mythical black political advancement in the modern slave-state: it is a jurisprudence forged most especially for the interests not of Black’s but rather for various anointed mongrels — usually octoroons, but at least quadroons, and rarely (until recently) mulattos.

Meanwhile, blacks are forced to endure being maniacally made out to be — for better or worse — a cautionary tale, about how not to nigger.

Moreover, the docility masquerading as serenity which proceeds from so many black descendants of White Supremacist’s slavery proceeds directly from the development of defense mechanisms — indeed, survival instincts — in response to the pride and folly of so many limp, light losers; who, when not lynching dissidents, busily lynch politically the potential of culture itself.

And yet another serenity proceeds too from many of those most heroically human black descendants — a real serenity: that of true humility, whereby they watch — with patience and delight but without malice or even condescension — the slow, steady, inevitable implosion of the fair and flaccid farce that is white supremacy — and all it’s brightly, blindingly, corruptly corresponding accoutrements.


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