Secular Progressives, neo-conservatives, and neo-liberals vs theists

Secualar Progressives: “Fundamentally, any and all people can live together, as long as they agree on core issues. Moreover, the content of their agreement matters not at all — as long as they all agree. Thus, the chief goal of goverment should be to force everyone to agree.”

Secular neo-conservatives: “We shall exploit Secular Progressives’ naïveté, to flood society with as many disparate, desperate, mentally and morally weak people as possible, to prevent collective bargaining, resistance to governmental over-reach, and all other forms of seditious cooperation.”

Secular neo-liberals: “We shall leverage Secular Progressives’ naïveté, to inflict the benevolence of perpetual war for the goal of democracy and world peace — based on the moral imperative to terrorize, invade, and murder all who are bad, or who, through their current wrong-thought, might become bad; so that the world contains only good people.”

Theists: “The content of agreements matters.”

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