RE “Share if you miss the Obamas”

Once upon a time, from 2002 to 2007, every sentient United States citizens was ready for civil war. They were downright livid that George W. Bush and his handlers had lied the USA into worldwide wars, through Israel’s 9/11 false-flag.

People were “waking up” and “demanding answers”…so the white supremacist corporatist death-cult pivoted, and handed them the pitiful mongrel son of some white lady — and pretended the mongrel as “the first black president.” The government-controlled zog media shifted all coverage away from USA’s ongoing terrorism and onto their political polished-turd, Barack Hussein Obama. Screeching and scolding from every pulpit of the zog media swallowed all calls for an end to USA’s terrorism — echoing reminders that the election of a privileged negropean was “change you can believe in.”

No one who knew about the 9/11 false-flag had “forgotten” about it; no one “forgot” how a bipartisan congress that included Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton quickly used the 9/11 false-flag as an excuse to authorize George W. Bush to commit massive terrorism against Iraqis, Afghanis, and other — on behalf of USA’s citizens.

Everyone remembered all that. But their memories didn’t matter, because their children — the next generation of slave-class pawns — were more stupefied and controlled than any generation in history: with their heads in their phones, they learned to obey and worship Barack Hussein Obama, the beige puppet of a blinding white death-cult.

And so USA’s terrorism, torture, and zog wars continued worldwide.

Then, after a decade of celebrating a mulatto figurehead whose greatest accomplishment was “getting niggy wit it” with Elen Degenerate (a celebrity dyke who advocates the killing of nigger babies), all the Obama worshipers pretended that to “miss” the sadistic mongrel (and his posh, ugly family) was to be supremely moral.

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