Dropping habits of rust

Posterior Chain is a useful name that some kinesiologists give to the links connecting ankles to the knees, to the hips, to the shoulders — allowing for effective physical functioning.

Extending from the terminology of a Posterior Chain: Rusted Chain Solution (RCS) adapts a body’s poorly managed movement to the person’s Daily Functional Needs (DFN), with an aim not for comfort, nor even for maintenance of the body’s structural integrity aka balance. Rather, RCS categorically facilitates DFN at the direct expense of both comfort physical and mental, and integrity mental physical and emotional: the goal is the immediate task.

RCS begins with an Anchored Achilles (AA), where a wastefully hurried person trains the knee, and everything above it, to remain shifted forward and straining the Achilles’ Tendon, as a subconscious pretense of perpetual readiness, which increasingly robs the body of the homeostasis half of the Action-Homeostasis Rhythm (AHR). Then ankles and knees begin to rust.

Misinterpreting dis-ease

Robbery by way of an AA creates not perpetual readiness but rather a perpetual dis-ease; yet the body’s manager, through corrupt social cues, learns to wrongly equate the severity of the dis-ease with the level of efficacy in which they, the manager, are dutifully engaged in solving immediate problems — as they steadily destroy their health (ie. their ability to function fully).

Rusted Chain Solution as patriarchal toxic-masculinity

Unbalanced men begin these social cues, primarily sacrificing other men to this Function-Over-Form (FOF) dysfunction: FOF develops so ugly a body such that a normal (ie. heterosexual), sane man will think of thus rending a womban only if there is no man instead to defeat and deform — because, to him, nothing is more hideous (ie. unnatural) than a womban, long forced into function over form, becoming a womyn.

Thus men are the primarily victimized test-dummies, eunuchs, and slaves; routinely taught, as early as possible, the lie of “no pain, no gain,” in place of the truth:

  1. no pain, no strain;
  2. no strain, no injury;
  3. no injury — then a longer, fuller,
    happier (ie. more effective) life.

Instructing her in his self-destruction

“In ‘fitness centers’ across the United States, one can routinely witness a common couple: a well-formed womban being mansplained to about health and movement by her deformed man.” -Reality

After an ineffective man effectively internalizes the cultural disease of “no pain, no gain,” then he typically transmits the infection to his mate. Surely this impedes her health and happiness by degrading her to his lowered level; yet any given womben are typically just the secondary victims of the social rot. The cultural utility of her infection is to normalize and extend his: “Look guys! Even the ladies are perpetually out of balance and running themselves ragged — you don’t want to be outdone by a girl, right!?”

To many, such dysfunction reeks fundamentally of misogyny; but misogyny is only ever a vehicle for misandry — the systematic degradation of men (hence the well-earned misery of hypocritical, cowardly men who deny, downplay, or delight in misogyny: by dismissing her plight, he quickly digs his own social grave).

Finally, there will be many a fallen womyn who clings to TMDD: Tortured Men Dependency Disorder. She is patriarchy’s most powerful pawn, and has accepted more justifications for misandry than you can ever realize, much less combat. Do not save her from herself. Step away carefully. Let her die. If you do otherwise, then you have begged for what you will get — and no worthwhile person will save you from yourself.

Shouldering his burden

Shoulders, as the center-of-balance for unbalanced people, originate the second phase of a Rusted Chain Solution: while he is robbed of his ankles and knees, a man’s hips are also continuously “degraded” as feminine (again: degradation of womben as a tool to degrade men); and so he then uses his hips only grudgingly. The hips follow the ankles and knees — descending into rust. Then he compensates for his rusting chain by widening his rusting gait: taking larger and larger steps; with less and less help from the hips, glutes atrophy, and so the lower spine swings the gait; then the embattled lumbar rusts into place, locking the illium either forward or back — desperate for an elusive stability that might bring a breath of homeostasis, yet finding none.

Frantic sedentariness

As the victim moves ever more poorly, he begins to stand and walk much less, instead sitting more than anything, while at times sneaking a chance to lie down, but more often using those chances to sneak as opportunities to self-medicate through (seated) masturbation — the only way, now, that he ever feels even a brief semblance of the blissful homeostasis away from which he has been carefully, constantly trained.

Then, while sitting, an ever more forward head mimics the vain Achilles Anchor: falsifying a sense of readiness; flattening his last life-giving curve, killing him softly.

Ten-step Solution

  1. Obey the rhythm between movement and stillness: stand back on your ankles, during the homeostasis half of AHR, to raise your AA.
  2. Reject misogyny.
  3. Be ready to facilitate your womban’s dropping of bad habits she has learned to carry, but do not presume to teach a womban how to use her body (except to dissuade her from the self-destruction of sluttiness — or the cowardly, murderous self-destruction of abortion).
  4. Be patient with yourself: wherever you are — you are there. Not elsewhere. Have enough courage and humility never to pretend otherwise. Walk with steps of an honest, patient length.
  5. Remember how to breathe. Seek out instruction if you’ve learned to carry bad habits that have too fully disguised, from you, your innate knowledge of how to breathe.
  6. Cease the chemical self-castration of masturbation: instead, channel the energy towards earning a relationship with a womban — one who agrees to refrain from destroying her sex-drive through masturbation; and once you are in that relationship — Do Not use each others’ body as a tool to reengage in masturbation.
  7. Do not murder your children.
  8. Do not neglect your children.
  9. Do not humiliate your children by trying to live through them.
  10. Save your responsibility for only the responsible: consciously and carefully prepare for the wars, at least of words, that will be waged against you by the psychopaths of the status quo, whose sense-of-self depends on your continued dependency upon diseasing habits of rust taught by a dying culture — a civilization in transition, within a world always in flux.

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