Hallmark card reparations of the white supremacist death-cult


Dear the blacks, sorry for all the slavery stuff. The history of whites being the master race, hasn’t exactly been perfect. Almost perfect, but not exactly. Anyhow, to show that we’ve changed, we offer you beasts the following rewards:

  1. use of our drinking fountains;
  2. the right to go to school with all the wonderfully limp and deformed white kids, from whom your rowdy niglets can surely learn so much;
  3. BET;
  4. voting rights;
  5. abortion rights;
  6. cuck porn;
  7. a mulatto president;
  8. laughable mythology surrounding the “nigger” word;
  9. We’ll all pretend you’re all interesting and charismatic;
  10. Rich blacks can have stock in our for-profit prisons.


-The White Supremacist Death-cult

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