Decent of M.A.N.

When, in the course of an imploding death-cult, it became progressively more complicated to differentiate between a glowing child-nurturer and a polished child-murderer, the forefathers of succeeding generations began to include a “no infanticide” clause in the manly prenuptial agreements that, by then, only fickle fools forwent.

Hell hath no fury like a woman rejected and avoided for being a child-murdering lunatic…

Still, the ever-adaptive child-murderer; spurred by the mania of her bloodthirsty thrift; threw every deception trained into her at a discerning man; who nevertheless, by his manly diligence, did dutifully discard each race-traitor womyn as readily as such a womyn would discard his child if it were to grow in her womb.

Meanwhile, among the profiteering prophets of the hellishly pale death-cult…

The once-iron fist of pallid patriarchs, white as sun-dried shit, creaking by cultural rust and social arthritis, could no longer enact anything to trick or trap sane men into celebrating sadistic, insane womyn: real men had become, and remained, entirely unmoved by the death-cult, whether its U.N. resolutions declaring womyn’s Human Right to infanticide; or its federal she-lawmakers croaking of men’s moral obligation to bolster murderous womyn; or even bad mothers using their prior “tough choices” to justify advocating a “sensible approach” for allowing, with at least reverence and impunity if not applause, womyn to murder men’s children. None of it phased the manly forefathers, who blazed a trail towards freedom via the abandonment and destruction of kid-killing cults.

Springtime for Masculism…

With the advent of M.A.N. — Manly Alternative Networks — men began to shield their wives and children from the pale death-cult sensationalized by slithering, suicidal Zionist middlemen, whose mothers never loved them.

One of the most popular archetypes invented by MAN was the “kid-killer-killer”: a short, bald, manly hero with a small penis and no money who diligently rid the world of womyn who kill children — and the men who harbor and help them.

A Kid-Killer-Killer, as depicted in MAN media, would stalk a murderous mom en route to Murder Slanger’s Prevented Parenthood — then kidnap her, keep her healthy until the child was born, then slit her kid-killing throat, to prevent her from imperiling any other kids.

The best-laid plans of men and men…

Such was the theory; yet, in practice the, kidnapper always discovered that each and every womyn, removed long enough from the ZOG death-cult, gladly reverted to being a woman — and that no woman ever in the history of the world actually wanted to murder her child. Rather, each womyn was simply tortured sufficiently into pretending a zeal for the masochism of sterility and the sadism of infanticide.

Nevertheless, having limited time, space, energy, and patience — every real man still readily rejected pro-death womyn and all cults which promoted them, namely rejecting his supposed accountability for saving her from herself.

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