Little black pets of a big white war-machine

On August 7, 1964, the democrat-led House of Representatives and the democrat-led Senate passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (Act), based on accusations against North Vietnam of military actions that history has shown to be not only false but willfully fabricated.

While not an official “declaration of war,” the Act authorized the democrat president Lyndon Baines Johnson to force a war draft upon millions of Americans — including hundreds of thousands of sub-white (black) Americans.

Many black criminals were drafted for war in lieu of jail time. Those black criminals, being socially awkward around normal people (especially normal white people), organized countless, mindless race-riots (ie. “peaceful Ferguson protests”) on many US military ships and installations, demanding the right to “whitey’s stuff” — while contributing to the murder of many millions of yellow children, in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and elsewhere.

Countless normals and blacks, while murdering because daddy-government said so, also developed heroin addiction during their time of terrorizing for freedom and democracy: addictions that rendered many completely helpless upon being discarded by the white death-cult’s war machine.

Then, president Richard Nixon spied on some democrats at Watergate, which war-mongering democrats used to mobilize its mobs of black pets, and to distract a nation of white and sub-white cowards and frauds, who all learned to parrot the zionist media narrative that Nixon was “literally Hitler” — while US terrorism continued, under the direction of Henry Kissinger and other zionist terrorists who directed US policies for its wars of aggression.

And then a mentally retarded racist man-child narcissist named Kanye West whimpered that, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” ignoring that most who died during “Hurricane Katrina” were white — because only black lives matter to the black pets of the white war machine.

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