Her chains of privilege and pretense (divorce and rape)


Bored, boring “models” pretending to be bored, boring normal women who show up to bars in desperate attempts to be chased — then laughably pretend resistance.

“The privilege allotted to heterosexual women (ie. normal women) who are weak and foolish enough to accept the privilege — this causes them to be entirely intolerable beyond the most primitive, initial stages of lust.” -Reality

Her contributions to the imploding culture’s rampant divorce-rate; born of countless unstable, insatiable women’s addiction to fleeting female-privilege; are, the first few times, just another among her many sassy ways to echo excitedly what she’s heard constantly from her parasitic enablers: “every woman is an island!”

Yet, as with her successive abortions, each “progressive” divorce (ie. those born of her regressive mania and hypocrisy) comes with less and less glitter, more and more glue — in her points and in her joints. That a downward spiral of slithering losers readily smooths her descent into complete irrelevance does mollify only the sharpest reminders that she is hardly worth a few beers and a few lies anymore.

lesbian rapist

“I’m for gay marriage if both chicks are hot” -Martin Luther King, Jr., some short black fraud who practiced “non-violence” towards white men — while beating black women.

“The pretense shielding homosexual women (ie. abnormal women) who are too weak and vain to earn a man — this builds them a tower of cards that routinely culminates in violence against other sub-hetero women.” -Reality

Violent lesbian rapists are typically more careful than Trayvon Martin. Drug-addicted thug Trayvon clearly will attack any 5’8″ peruvian he sees — without even first checking his victim for weapons! In contrast, penis-envious women who indulge in homosexualism carefully pick their rape victims, invariably choosing other penis-envious women who indulge in homosexualism.

The main reason for this choice is the rapists’ knowledge that the “gay community” is too busy swapping STDs to stand for anything, hence homosexualists rabidly shield their rapists from justice, because otherwise their imagined rainbow monolith would be revealed for what it is: a bunch of hyper-politicized failures, laboriously volunteering for genetic extinction, who often enough suffer fits of humanity such that they lash out at their most immediate enablers — typically their “partner,” though it could just as easily be whatever random suicidal wreck with whom they’ve linked genitals to jointly resist impending introspection.

And little solace visits the countless raped lesbians, when every homo and their disappointed mama bends over backwards to dilute responsibility of the rapist women who indulges in homosexualism because they are too weak and vain to develop a real (ie. heterosexual) relationship.

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