MLK cult as harbinger of white supremacy’s collapse

Some short fraud

“If people think low enough of us, then eventually they will let us into white paradise” -Stupid blacks on the Expanded Plantation, whose strategy amounts to exploiting fake black rage, and real black misery, in order to leverage white guilt, flight, and pity.

The MLK cult is that limp, lurking collective of credulous cowards who bend over backwards to invent black messiahs — then, with none to be found, settling on whatever short, weak, violent, negropean sociopath is fed to them by white supremacy’s frantically controlled media: Marion Barry, Will Smith, OJ Simpson, Al Sharpton, Clayton Lockett, Tupac — or Martin Luther King, jr. aka MLK.

And so the Muddy Loser Klan cult bumbled on:

  • deifying meek, manic mongrel millionaires like Barack Hussein Obama, Colin Kaepernick, and Michael Eric Dyson;
  • justifying violent niggers like Homer Plessy, Henry Louis Gates, jr., Tamir Rice, and Gentle Giant Mike Brown of Ferguson (who rapped that he would “murder niggers for an ounce of weed”);
  • black-washing the history of violent drug-addicts like Rodney King and Trayvon Martin;
  • downplaying or pretending not to notice the condescension of their pale, sickly handlers like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton — while pretending that their pale, sickly handlers like George Bush and Donald Trump were so different:
  • caging themselves mentally, moment to moment, by their passive-aggressive, petty doublethink.

Meanwhile, the white, colorless, souless death-cult — whether led by people black as heaven or white as hell — continued to systematically sterilize and homosexualize black dads; while economically terrorizing black moms — continually imploding black wealth, then withholding government’s emergency crumbs from any black mom who resisted the “empowerment” of murdering her children in the womb through Murder Slanger’s Prevented Parenthood.

The white supremacist death-cult’s goal had been a stiff, shiny, robot-run, nigger-less utopia…

…until it boringly collapsed under the weight of its hypocrisy — then disappeared into the distance of antiquity: just another foolish, fickle, failed fart on a timeline of white, colorless, soulless, violent fraudulence.

For if anything was less sustainable than all the confused, fearful, unintelligent black people cobbling false-hope around MLK cults — it was the hyper-intelligent white supremacist death-cult, whose existence wholly depended on first manufacturing — and then exploiting — black confusion, fear, and foolishness.

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