The morality of USA’s Southern border

usa southern border

In 1848, a few decades or so before the USA would fight a Civil War (ie. The War of Northern Aggression); which much of its posterity would blithely, blindly pretend was over slavery; the United States stole about a half-million square miles of land from Mexico, through the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, as war plunder from the Mexican-American War.

Decades later, during the early years of USA’s pretended post-slavery era, through the bipartisan Edmunds Act, and then the bipartisan Edmunds-Tucker Act, with pens handed to them by their newly-won slaves — the loathsome lunatics of the United States government committed the following aggressions:

  • stole the right to vote from polygamist women in Utah;
  • required those women to take an oath against their family in order to earn back a privilege to vote;
  • robbed those women of Spousal Privilege: thereby requiring wives to testify against their husbands about polygamy or else the wives would face imprisonment; and
  • outlawed inheritance for “illegitimate” Utahan children (those born of plural families).

More than a century later, a billionaire ZOG puppet, along with his millions of foolish followers, pretended a moral foudation for USA’s war-made southern border–while murdering innocent men and children throughout the world, for the manic machinations of anti-Judaism, atheist Jews in Israel.

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