Myths of pious prisoners, reality of a mendacious military

Thrust into a confusing, frightening, loud world–many simply go along to get along, by any means necessary. Key to this is entertaining the myths of a pious prison-population, and ignoring the mendacity of military mercenaries.

Pious prisoners

Myths of pious prisoners provide no less than two powerful social-sedatives:

  1. Even if limp, lackadaisical, hate-filled citizens see no real evidence of their angry God dispensing justice on those whom they most hate, still the thought of numb, desperate men gang-raping a guy who is locked up for consensual physicality with a fresh-faced, eager sexual-commodity inches before her arbitrary age-of-consent expiration–this thought feeds the Hungry Ghosts, the retributive rage cleansing the condemned while reflecting both a karmic balance to the universe as well as indicating the pious inmates’ innate knowlege of the righteousness of baseless, selectively-enforced moral platitudes.
  2. The system works.

Lost on the lovers of such sickly salvation are two obvious facts:

  1. That the heroes of the story would do anything to glimpse the good graces of the culture that so quickly and completely discarded them–so it is just desperate, doomed dregs in a human hamster-wheel.
  2. Such a person would rape and torture anyone if simply given the chance.

Medacious Military

Plenty of the most revered legalists have rued the petty venality of a legal system relegated as but a pallid mechanism for the inefficient bookkeeping of a neo-feudalism so precarious that it sustains only by being stacked with the least moral, most credulous cowards ever concocted by culture. Similarly, there is the military:

Clods and frauds so fickle that they well-fit into a system which, subsequent to their enlistment for ‘fighting for freedom’, rates them highest for being denounced as too dangerous to be trusted with self-defense. Thence targeting the military veterans for gun confiscation.

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