Brightline for criminalizing thought about World War 2


A visual representation of the world that exists outside of the mental gulags overseen by Zionist fabulists

In the Western World, for a short time during children’s formative years, before indoctrination by the name education wholly swallows their awareness — they are still allowed to think; or, at least, they are allowed to thoughtlessly ask evil questions without being shunned, if not jailed.

Yet nowhere is the brightline — the definitive separating point — where a sufficiently worn child, more than simply believing, thereafter must trust to the depths of their soul (or at least fake it well enough) that tortured confessions of Nazi prisoners of war, unintelligible barking by a mustachioed German, and the hushed reverence of Hollywood sycophants towards their Zionist overlords — these provide a firm foundation for myths by which many Western tyrants currently criminalize political speech, political thought, or even just antics which bespeak insensitivity akin to political wrong-thought.

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