His weak, boring, pretentious fuck-buddy and her weak, boring, pretentious son

“I’ve seen enough seen enough TV shows that prey on my desperate self-worship to know that ‘there are plenty of fish in the sea,’ and that ‘when one door closes, another will always open,’ and that every REAL man hopes his life will be tangled, strangled and mangled by the quirky dysfunction of a silly, sassy single-mom and her quirky, smirky kids!

“So I’ll just keep burning the weaker and weaker bridges built for me by weaker and weaker men! OMG! Me and my bitch friends SO remind me of the fictional rich bitch TV characters portrayed by penniless, suicidal drug-addicts who fuck fat needle-dick pervert Jews for a chance to be she-famous: We are SO wild and fun!

“I’m so blessed to have my depressed half-breed son! And I’m so glad he has brain damage! I’ll fucking MURDER any bitch who makes him sad LOL!! FRFR!!

“At first, the APA’s homosexual Jews and bedwench black bitches diagnosed my son with Disobedient Child Disorder.

“Later, some haggard slut in the park sold some of her beaded bracelets and herpes-pus elixir to me and told me that my son was probably an Indigo Child–that really it was everyone else who was being disobedient to my kid’s genetic need to be exempt from social standards! OMG! I always suspected that I was blameless in the matter!

“But then, after passing my kid through a gauntlet of being psychoanalyzed by every empty goof who was desperate enough to chase my dried up, worn out holes; we realized that my son simply hated being a male–he wanted to be like me! No, it wasn’t a want: he was born to be like me!

“So we went to the Prevented Parenthood clinic to solve the anatomy that my son inherited from his deadbeat dad — who’s not even half the man as the five suicidal sailors who climbed into my pussy yesterday to swap STDs with me! And one of them was black! OMG! I’m so naughty! His dick was SO BIG — I could almost feel it!

“Prevented Parenthood castrated my son with the MOST ADORABLE little pink mini-blender EVER!!

“Now the gross, goddess-less weapon that was between her legs looks just like the rotten roast beef between mine! I’ve never been she-happier!! And neither has my little mini-me!

“Now, we have a mommy-daughter cam-show, where people pay us to put our fingers inside ourselves! We’re famous! And, every day, failures from around the world tune in to our channel to see our slow, eerie death!”

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