Judge rules that ugly, black, heterosexual man, Andrew Joseph Lobban, is NOT eligible for “AWLD” (Updated: July 6th, 2018)

Judge rules ugly black heterosexual man, Andrew Joseph Lobban, not eligible for AWLD

Ocala, Fla- Ocala police say a non-white, non-attractive, non-homosexual nightclub bouncer shot and killed three co-workers because…well who the hell cares? He obviously did it, and he obviously has no excuse, based on gender, race, attractiveness, or sexual-orientation. The ugly, black man tried to claim the Kaitlyn Hunt Defense, stating, “But I’m homosexual, so laws should not apply to me!” However, when asked to suck a penis, which police say would have proven his genetic heritage as a homosexual–thus his protected status–the ugly heterosexual broke down: “I can’t do it! Penises are just so gross!” Police say the man was originally accused of only three counts of first-degree murder, but that because of his lies about his homosexual status, he will likely face an additional charge of impersonating a heroic homosexual.

In a limp, white decision consistent with jurisprudence of the imploding white supremacist death-cult, Judge Sambo Jenkins–one of the good ones–ordered that consequences do in fact exist for unattractive, heterosexual black man Andrew Joseph Lobban.


“My black dad beat my white mom harder than Martin Luther King Jr. beat that black bitch in the hotel the night before he got karma!” -Barack Hussein Obama ll

Early reports indicated that Lobban claimed to be exempt from consequences, citing AWLD (the Attractive White Lesbian Defense). However, since Lobban was an ugly black man, Judge Sambo, himself a handsome quadroon, required Lobban to prove his deservedness of an AWLD on grounds of faggotry–by sucking a cock to establish his protected status as a person who promises to renounce their socially dangerous potential to create life and instead squander their genetic potential into the mouths and rectums of other men: The death-cult’s euphemism of “homosexuality.”

The ugly cis-gender male nigger failed to prove his allegiance to self-destruction, and so was scolded by the articulate judge: “Stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying.”

Update: Andrew Joseph Lobban has since been convicted of three counts of murder, which is racist: Black men are only %6 of the national population, yet black men are %100 of the people who were jailed for the murders committed by Lobban.

As a result of racial disparity in the sentencing, an outraged community of white-trained black pets peacefully rioted, looted, and handed out copies of dey mix-tapes, and then listened to a speech filled with braggadocious profanity by their leader, a rapper whose very long name is: “I’m an atheist homosexual sellout who pretends to be a violent nigger that murders other niggers so I can get paid by the white Jew middle-men of USA’s white supremacist death-cult.”

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