Why Jews self-murder so often


“Frantic fraud is the foundation of the Jewish suicide epidemic” -Reality

Among Orthodox Jews, a self-inflicted death is seen as a serious sin which brings shame on the family. Plenty among these fallen people; who laud the mutilation, molestation, and occasional murder of Jewish children through Metzitzah B’peh; pitifully pretend that pallid braggadocio, heightened social torture, and terroristic threats against families of those who self-murder will be enough to curb kike zest for self-styled death. “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools”-A perfected Jew.

Spectrum of misery

Self-murder of course travels through a spectrum: No one goes from happy directly to self-murder. Rather, there are many steps in between. Several of these steps towards self-murder are alluded to above: A culture of child-raping lunatics addicted to intra-cultural emotional-terrorism, whose only enduring excuse for anything (and everything) is “but muh Holocaust!” — which of course does not work so well against other antichrists, not that the heebs don’t try at times to affix the Scarlet Swastika onto others of their own dementia.

Mana of the moral high-ground

Another click composed of immoral, credulous cowards with an increased likelihood of choosing death by their own hand over a life trapped in the misery which they’ve helped to create–is the US military. And just as, if the military members were anything other than corporate mercenary whores, they would be edified against mental misery — so too if Jews were anything beyond mentally stiff, physically limp, hyper-socialized mama’s-boys, then they’d be able to draw on the fruits of their labor as motivation to live. Instead, the ‘best’ of them are, all but always, just whimpering, simpering middle-men for one white supremacist death-cult or another.

Out of the dark and into the light

“Hateful of the dark, calm shade of reason; the chattery, cagey, cowardly kikes curled up to the blinding, burning light of white supremacist death-cults”

Despite their erudite slithering–a light future will continue to blind Jews. No matter how many films Jews manically make which laughably cast one goofy, boring Jew or another into the role of a handsome, witty, interesting heart-throb (opposite their muse: Some lanky, primped, ass-less, thin-lipped white bitch); no matter how many Godfathers the anti-goys humiliate for pointing out that malevolent, tribalist Jews are delegated as kings of the Hollywood shithole; no matter how many David Irvings are jailed; no matter how many Woody Allens, Roman PolanskisJeffrey Epsteins, Harvey Weinsteins, Steven Spielbergs are downplayed–none of the fleeting Jewish strangle-hold on culture can account for so many Jewish men, lives spent in vain, opening their veins–with misery from their worry of the retaliation against their family panging second only to the misery that mounted by their listless, lockstep life.

-In memory of Suicidal Jew Tom Schweich.

jewish suicide-tom-schweich-022215-1428665383

Tom Schweich: Just another suicidal Jew whose misery was ZOGged by Jewish political-cannibals.

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