Jarrod Ramos Inevitability


Jarrod Ramos dindu nuffin!!

All the hypocrites in the world could groom and coo each other during their every waking hour — that would not undo the Jarrod Ramos Inevitability.

When Gay Z and some goofy canadian mongrel use their miniscule frontal lobes to incite their millions of fans to lazy, black violence — Todd Stewart can say “Jay-Z takes on George Zimmerman. Again.”; and Brett Clarkson can say, “[T]he hip-hop superstar questions why George Zimmerman is still alive,” and simian simpleton Juaquin James Malphurs, aka Waka Flocka, can critique gay-z for not using his filthy white money to hire limp black shooters to murder a peruvian for defending himself against feral thug Trayvon Martin.

jarrod ramos getting his life back together

Jarrod Ramos was getting his life back together!

None of that changes the fact that limp black shooters, feral thugs, pallid journalists and brain-damaged rappers all strategize like whites dance and blacks govern in South Africa. Moreover, the Jarrod Ramos Inevitability is still in full effect.

Vile veils of venal social-veal

oxygen triggered meme“She’s gonna break your heart, and tell the world about it: He was like, she was all, he was all, they were like, they were all like, oh my God, like totally, we were like, I was all, they were all, he was like, she was like all totally like, oh my God.”
-The sensibilities of modern social-veal, as described by Parry Grip.

In a culture where a woman can say, in effect, “Like Jarrod Ramos like sent me messages, so I like feared for my life and stuff” — the Jarrod Ramos Inevitability is in full effect.

Faith in fickle falsity

deathstarCorrupt journalists, and cry-bully whores generally, sometimes commit so fully to their fraud that they forget the objective usefulness of truth. Thence they become wholly incapable of accurately assessing both their circumstances and ways to improve it, or at least mitigate it. So it is the case that plenty whores, once they start, simply cannot stop: They are compelled to lie, compelled to imperil, compelled to justify anything they do regardless whom it harms. Sometimes such villains pick on the wrong 5’8″ peruvian; sometimes they attack the wrong crakkka cop; and sometimes they defame the wrong Jarrod Ramos — someone who has even less for which to live than the venal, petty journalists themselves.

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