The winter of leftists’ legal discontent: Retirement of rape-apologist Justice Anthony Kennedy imperils both Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Death-Penalty Law

coat hanger im back

The loss of ‘swing voter’ Justice Anthony Kennedy, whose betrayal retirement makes him literally Hitler, likely heralds a swing in death-penalty jurisprudence: The reversing of prescriptions & proscriptions of both Pre-Natal & Post-Natal Death-Penalty Law: Executing murderers may cease to be a moral blight, and murdering children in the womb may cease to be a human right!

This shift would imperil countless cultural fetuses–bloodthirsty women who hope to murder their children in the womb but who cannot survive outside of the financial-womb of the empowering death-cult. As one penis-envious freedom-fighter once put it: Get your abortions now!

Surely these are brightly blinding times in the white, colorless, soulless death-cult, whose minions might now be compelled to be quelled by only the rampant murdering of the war machine led now by Obama in orange-face — a real American Zionist puppet.

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