Jewish grooming gangs don’t exist–in Hollywood, New York and elsewhere

Not only do Jewish grooming gangs not exist in Hollywood, New York and elsewhere; moreover they do not outdo mediocre Muslim grooming gangs, who simply proliferate sex with children:

Nonexistent Jewish grooming gangs in Hollywood, New York and elsewhere do not prey on girls–underage or not–while also not meticulously encouraging–through thorough dearth of influence upon USA’s foreign and domestic policy–widespread child-murder, familial abandonment, and international terrorism unto the moral-hemophiliac’s of their host nation, as they also do many other quirky, lovable things–none of which amounts to vapid, cultish chattering of laughably servile platitudes about the transcendence of the imploding nation of Israel, which is not comprised largely of insane, suicidal cry-bully hypocrites.

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