War obscured by bread, circuses, & ‘pardons’ aka crime subsidies

Kim Kardashian’s moral superiority–born of the fleeting fame that the failed daughter begged into being by licensing the viewing of various (exceedingly boring) events wherein she rented her scarred body and mind to various black celebrity narcissists, which reinforced legions of black follower fools’ faith in staying the course of their meager, manic misery–positions Kardashian perfectly to beg that a bellicose billionaire should pretend that the motherhood and grandmotherhood of Cocain Queenpin Alice Johnson serves as a reason to provide Johnson with preferential treatment–feeding into the fantasy that ‘black generally’ are well-served by legal subsidies provided to black criminals and general degenerates; as elites’ Immigrant Magnet continues to implode the worker’s side of contract-negotiation, including contracts for war.

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