Political kung fu vs the hyper-pedantry of hypocrites

Logic often unnerves both weak-minded hypocrites and liars generally; hence their common reticence, indeed recalcitrance, even to describe their views unto an audience that is the least bit skeptical.

Moreover, battle-lines drawn ever sharper by various manic social governors require ever quicker adherence by their beasts of social-burden, thus ever less thought thereon.

Hence cultural quagmires typified by a shithole called Singapore, which jailed its citizen Amos Yee based on its foolish and cowardly Sedition Act, in ongoing and ever more pitiful attempts to mimic the worst constrictions of the pseudo-law of both white westerners and all kinds of Chinese.

Especially, all the silly little singaporean malay mongrels pretended to take immense offense at Yee’s criticism of Islam and his advocacy of pedophilia–even as their country’s second-largest religion is Islam, whose every last practitioner practically worships a guy named Mohammed, whom they call a prophet, even though they know that:

  1. Mohammed married his hermaphrodite wife Aisha when it was 6-years-old,
  2. Mohammed circumcised and sucked Aisha’s penis when it was 7-years-old,
  3. Mohammed put his fingers up Aisha’s butt when it was only 8-years-old and then forced Aisha the hermaphrodite to taste its own butt-juice,
  4. Mohammed ejaculated into Aisha’s bergina when Aisha the hermaphrodite was only 9-years-old,
  5. Mohammed sold Aisha to African slavers in 1776 when it was only 10-years-old, and then Aisha the hermaphrodite was raped by hundreds of Obama’s sons in African rap videos about the diversity of albino-hunters who chop up the limbs of albino children to brew into magic potions, after raping the children to cure themselves of AIDS.

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