The legacy of Mohammed Khan

“Ghengis Khan, by his conquests, is the direct ancestor of as much as 1% of the entire world’s population” -The mongolian-controlled media

As western death-cults spiraled ever deeper into implosion, only the most conniving creatures survived.

One such survivor was Mohammed Finkelstein, born in Palestine to Sarah Finkelstein, an Israeli expatriate who, hoping to usher an era of mongrelized utopia,  had  impregnated herself with handfuls of semen she dug from the torn and gaping vagina of the village toddler whom, out of reverence for the example set by their child-raping prophet, the Muslim men all used as a cumdumpster.

Early on, Sarah suffered several miscarriages from being forced into Pallywood scenes while pregnant, where she would be kicked in the stomach by a pro-choice arab wearing a bootleg Israeli Army uniform who hoped to gain sympathy for insane Palestinians from half-attentive, anti-israel zombies–by pretending that others were as cutthroat and crazy as them.

Months later, and after many gallons of semen stolen in vain from the ravaged loins of the make-shift Aisha: Sarah finally birthed her very own rape-prone Mohammed.

During the child’s first sleep, Allah sent visions of paradise into the child’s mind: A perfected world, where every Muslim man owned all the toddlers he could ever rape; where every Muslim woman had perfected the art of being a cowardly, complicit liar who pretended it was empowerment to obey the decrees of weak, malevolent Muslim warlords; and where Allah sent down daily acid-rain onto all Jews worldwide–except those pious enough to match Muslims’ morality by Metzitzah B’peh: The mutilating and sucking of a baby’s penis.

Years later, the trip from Palestine to the USA was an easy one: Naive, hyper-educated, under-lived, self-hating jews–and colorless people generally–infested all the structures of power, especially in government and academia; and so when the beady-eyed brainiacs of Yalvard University learned that a dangerous, skill-less brown person needed an alibi to invade the West–they dropped their fetus-smoothies faster than you could say, “Hey, this is all somewhat exaggerated!”

At Yalvard, yet another ceremony began. Such ceremonies occurred daily, to honor and welcome the newest cavalcade of delightfully dingy, nobly nihilistic, serenely self-interested, majestically muddy invaders. The progressive halls oozed with chants for, and celebrations of, social justice. As heroically brown Mohammed Finkelstein entered the fray–cheering erupted:

“I bet he doesn’t speak a bit of English!,” happily shouted a pale English Ph.d., who looked forward to the following week, where he would finally purge his personal guilt for the 1% of white and black colonists who owned slaves hundreds of years before he was born–by proudly training his heavily accented, immensely racist Hindu replacement as dean of Yalvard’s English department, which was then to be renamed “The anti-English social justice department for the establishment of Sharia and La Raza.”

“He’s so of-color!,” wailed a weary,  colorless mom, tearfully cradling her scowling mongrel spawn in her cutter-marked arms,  as  its  beautifully  shit-colored  father donned a snaggle-toothed smile–his yellow, glazed-over eyes gazing  freely  at all da fine ass crakkka hoes, who looked back at him approvingly–knowing that his nobly listless lechery was just him getting his life back together.

And if there was anything more progressively utopian than a black criminal replicating: It  was  yet  another violence-worshiping Muslim being inflicted upon an increasingly feminized slave-state. And so a hush came over the academic elites, as Mohammed stunk his way up to the of-color-only megaphone.

Mohammed cleared his throat and, via translation by another child-rape enthusiast who was bilingual in inciteful Arabic and 5th-grade English, he delivered a speech in honor and tone of his hero, Barack Hussein Obama–the most beloved mongrel ever to oversee a decade of expanded surveillance and torture, and the murder of hundreds of sand-nigger children as collateral damage from countless indiscriminate drone-strikes in the Middle East and North Africa: “Every person without color in the USA is racist, especially Barack Obama’s colorless grandmother, who raised him after a noble nigger impregnated, beat, and abandoned her daughter. Nevertheless, in this moment, by enabling someone as heroically brown as me: Change has come to America!”

Mohammed’s colorless admirers had been pensively waiting for this moment throughout the whole event–the one circumstance where colorless people were socially allowed to show unbridled emotion: Displaying worshipful awe at the eerie mediocrity of an of-color mascot; so as Mohammed concluded his regally self-centered remarks, cheers erupted from nearly everyone–except the noble nigger mascots throughout the room, who were too busy scowling at assless beckys’ cameras, and thinking of new ways to rhyme “nigger” with “nigger,” in hopes of becoming famous.

Coming up: Mohammed makes his muddy mark on feminized culture, in feminist admirers.

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