Selective outrage towards violent crime in the death-cult

accused beaten murdered hebephile

Accused, beaten, murdered: Man allegedly talked to an 11-year-old online.

In an ongoing addiction to implosion, the death-cult rabidly routinely celebrates selective, curated instances of vigilante justice for violent crimes.

One such instance occurred a few years back when a man, accused of contacting an 11-year-old online, was reportedly beaten to death by the father of the alleged conversationalist’s “victim” in Brazil’s death-cult.

Countless in USA’s death-cult celebrated.

Weak pitiful she-lawyers Hillary Rodham (Clinton) thinking about how to blame children for being raped

Weak pitiful she-lawyer Hillary Rodham (Clinton) thinking about how to blame children (like Kathy Shelton) for being raped. Hillary would later terrorize women whom her husband beat, bit and raped.

“Studies indicate that the more corrupt privilege a woman receives, the more her pussy stinks.” -Science

In related news, Miley Cyrus cried when Hillary Clinton failed to she-win the US presidency in 2016, saying that, because of Clinton’s advocacy for women’s man-given privilege to murder unborn children, she “deserved” to be president.

Hillary Clinton rose to prestige and privilege after graduating from one of the top Law schools in the world: Yale. One of her first acts as a Yale-trained lawyer was to secure leniency for the 40-year-old who raped 12-year-old Kathy Shelton. Clinton tortured Shelton during the ‘legal’ process, accusing the 12-year-old of, among other things, exaggeration–after the child was hospitalized for internal wounds so serious they doomed her to a life of sterility, despite her desire to some day have children.

Several fans of Clinton sought, during the 2016 campaign, to diminish her accountability by claiming that, as a lawyer, she had no choice but to terrorize a child who had been brutally raped.

Weak, worthless, wanton women routinely receive such consideration, known to some as the Svengali Defense.


Insane, murderous mulatto Barack Hussein Obama trying in vain to live out his fantasy of being more than a rootless, unwanted mongrel with an identity-crisis, whose goofy little black dad abandoned him after beating his white mom.

“I am a pitiful, soulless half-breed.” -Barack Hussein Obama

In similar news, millionaire mulatto Barack Hussein Obama (and yes: it is a hate-crime to mention his middle-name) became the first US president to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for exactly nothing but hype; he then murdered hundreds of children through ‘collateral damage’ from the drone strikes which he, as president, ordered.

Studies indicate that the victims and their families who suffered at the hands of Clinton and Obama would gladly beat them to death in a field in Brazil–regardless that the two are hailed as heroes by USA’s death-cult.

A couple insane losers who are popular among insane losers

A couple insane losers who are popular among insane losers.

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