The tendency of hypocrisy’s inevitable implosion to destroy complicit intended-beneficiaries

robbed of justice

“The tendency is for hypocrisy’s inevitable implosion to destroy its intended beneficiaries.”

The continuous manifestation of this fact should, by pure logic, compel would-be hypocrites to depart from such a path, choosing instead a way that, albeit conniving or even malevolent, yet avoids the failure which hypocrisy always brings. Nevertheless, examples mount of hypocrites giving themselves very good advice–to quit–while very seldom following it: Instead persisting to put their potential in a vice, by the respective else collective vices variously of desperation else cowardice generally and expedience else sloth generally.

Brief current and history of hypocrisy

Black Harvard students black graduate after lots of black study

Black Harvard students black graduate after lots of black study.

In this modern, progressive era, Harvard University is among many elite Historically White Colleges and Universities which hypocritically–indeed strategically, even manically–accept mediocre blacks as students, even as professors–only to end those blacks’ potential for pale excellence at institutions in which they’d’ve better fit; instead, Harvard condemns the coddled black to a life as so pseudo an intellectual as would be laughable if it weren’t so pitiful.

Yet setting aside such subtle examples–though they indeed be obvious, ongoing, and, by the hiring-habits of the black pets of white academicians, accelerating–still there are plenty accessible examples of hypocrisy readily destroying hapless hypocrites and their complicit would-be beneficiaries.


Suddenly producing a large white feather, she jabbed it into his waistcoat. And in another tone, fierce and scornful, she added: “You coward! Why don’t you enlist?”

4. Western women as untouchable war-mongering pawns. The hypocritical women of the White Feather Society used their men-given female-privilege to mock and scorn disempowered men who sought to opt out of war. Eventually when the First World War had murdered or maimed one-quarter of the eligible males in England–the penis-less war-mongering pawns celebrated their utopia by variously coasting down to a lonely death; ‘lowering their standards’ all the way to a willingness of accepting the companionship of a severely wounded veteran; and even erecting erection-less dyke-bars where lonely unloved bored boring women could congregate to fake-care, fake-cry, fake-laugh, and fake-fuck.

Blaire White and Ben Shapiro--two small weak guys bemoan the plight of small weak guys

Blaire White and Ben Shapiro: Two small weak guys bemoan the plight of small weak guys.

3. Sniveling, slithering Men Going Their Own Way. After countless opportunities to upend patriarchs who relegate women as social-pawns, countless cowardly hypocritical men sterilized their mind, might, libido, and life–in order to avoid the “gynocentrism” whereby patriarchs enlisted their caged women to cage men. The faggot frauds then feigned freedom, as they spent the rest of their pointless lives cobbling excuses for being modern-day self-caged eunuchs.


chinese woman slapping chinese man

Privileged Chinese girl slaps and taunts Chinese guy, as a futile Chinese elder looks on at the utopia which his cowardice helped to create.

2. Dowry of non-murdered Chinese girls. Chinese men, too weak else cowardly to dissent, effected, in their part, a nation hypocritically addicted to abortion as central to centralized planning–resulting in the mass-murder of millions upon millions of Chinese girls in the womb, which led to a spiked drop in available women, thus, by the supply-and-demand which affects even the most anti-capitalist of cultures, came the spikes in dowry for available women, which precluded millions of men from ever hoping to afford a wife–men who then simply coasted down to miserable, empty death.


american flag made in china

Empowered Chinese women often work in slave-conditions, within buildings whose perimeters are lined with ‘suicide-nets‘ placed by employers in hopes of forestalling the rampant self-murder among China’s empowered women.

1. Suicide of empowered Chinese girls. Chinese women, too weak else cowardly to dissent, effected, in their part, a nation hypocritically addicted to sublimation of slave women’s most fundamental creative potential–channeling femininity into credulous zeal for, else cowardly resignation to, a life of squandering potential for the propping up of countless, cheap props for western gluttons. Accordingly China, the hard-fought gender-neutral utopian slave-state, is one of only two or three areas in the entire world wherein the self-murder rate for women is not far lower than the self-murder rate for men. In fact, since all Chinese are equal but some are more equal than others–Chinese women have overtaken Chinese men, as to rates of self-murder.

0. The Immoral of the Story

Regardless of all this, hypocrisy will continue to enchant those credulous cowards who deserve its destruction–who limp through life as beggars at a cultural casino: Hoping to sneak by, by their malevolent docility–right up to the point when justly they die.

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