”Black women are too ugly to beat, bite, and rape” -Bill Clinton, USA’s first black president

black women are too ugly to rape -bill clinton

All of the house-slaves on the Expanded Plantation agreed with their democrat massa–that Bill Clinton was ‘USA’s first black president‘. Then they agreed with a mulatto named Barack Obama was a badass. Obama, who was raised by his white grandparents in Hawaii after his black father beat and abandoned his white mom, commanded his house-niggers to vote for Hillary Clinton, because she supports the extermination of black children through Murder Slanger‘s woman-empowering Prevented Parenthood.

All the obedient house-niggers did vote for Hillary Clinton, hoping that she would become the nation’s first black female president, just as her husband had been the first the first black male president. But the Roe Effect be racis yo! And statistics revealed a surprising downside to the mass-murder of black children in the womb (aka crime-prevention): There are less stupid black people who will buy into voting for a soulless white bitch like Hillary Clinton.

Another blow struck the Clinton camp, when activists for equality argued that her husband, former-president Bill Clinton, was prejudiced against black women: “We know Bill Clinton will beat, bite, and rape Mexican women!,” squalled the socialists, “And we know Bill Clinton will beat, bite, and rape white women! But he hasn’t beaten, bit, and raped any black women! DOES BILL CLINTON THINK BLACK WOMEN ARE TOO UGLY TO BEAT, BITE, AND RAPE!?”

On a whiter note: Bill Clinton did admire Martin Luther King Jr.’s skill at beating and raping black women.

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