Lolade Siyonbola dindu nuffin! (Progressivism’s Chocolate Mascots, at Yale and beyond)

Sarah Braasch and Lolade Siyonbola

Sarah Braasch (left) and Lolade Siyonbola pose for Yale’s daily Two Minutes of Hate towards those who call into question the Black Privilege of Progressivism’s Chocolate Mascots.

Years ago, racist white hypocrites at Yale University (and elsewhere) were conflicted between two programmed beliefs:

  • First, they wholeheartedly believed that the interest of social justice required Yale to admit more black applicants into programs–that there were countless random black people out failing at school, killing other blacks, and polar bear hunting simply because racism prevents them from being scholars at Yale.
  • Second, they wholeheartedly (and self-ashamedly) knew that blacks were too stupid to survive Yale-level coursework.

So the solution was simple: Placate the sensibilities of white anti-white socialites whose preference for docile, credulous black pets, mixed with a complete dearth of real-world experience, compels them to gleefully implode, at least to an extent, the traditional systems which, while decidedly imperfect, yet serve as the best arbiters of aims for meritocracy.

Hence, the racist white hypocrite gatekeepers at Yale created Colored Only coursework–segregated sections of pseudo-scholarship whereby Yale could meet and even exceed quotas for coloreds, while avoiding 1) humiliating the intellectual charity-cases with the normal Yale curricular expectations which nearly none of them could complete, and 2) Impeding the actual learning environment for all the non-black Yale students.

The best laid plans of mice and racist Yale policies often…black Yale students fail a lot

If a white man, much less a ching-chong man, were to apply to Yale Law School (YLS) after achieving a 156 on the LSAT–well, simply, they would be passed up for a non-white, non-asian, non-man quota: While the vast majority of applicants were accepted as YLS class of 2020 with scores between 170 and 180 on the LSAT–the black applicants who were accepted, especially the black women, scored as low as 156. Now, Yale’s real Law students must condescend constantly to and about Progressivism’s Chocolate Mascots at Yale.

Yale Black Law Students Association, or ''The LSAT 156ers'' as they are know

Members of the Yale Black Law Students Association, or ”The LSAT 156ers” as they are known by the real Law students

For more on both the racism of high expectations and the racism of low expectations, and how they inconvenience white lives–while ruining black lives–check out the fury when a Justice of the United States Supreme Court racistly put facts ahead of feelings, citing eventual black failure as a considerable cost for feigning erstwhile black excellence; moreover, check out KKK Grand Coon Thomas Sowell’s baseless and racist assertion that statistical data clearly demonstrate how inflating blacks’ academic readiness consistently reinforces a monolith of artificial black failure.

Further: This week, the racist (anti-white) cesspool deepened yet again at Yale University, when Tawana Brawley 1,000,000.0 was let to establish her own alibi to distract from her misbehavior–an alibi which amounted to: “DAS RACIS!!”

Imagine that: A rude black woman making herself comfortable at everyone else’s expense

When racist black liar Lolade Siyonbola settled down to sleep in the common area of the dorm–she didn’t do what a polite white person would: She didn’t leave the lights on. Nah, my nigga. Proceeding only from her mood, preference, and sense of entitlement: She instead turned off the lights in the common area–aggressively adjusting the communal space to her personal liking, as Progressivism’s Chocolate Mascots are well-known to do.

She knew that sleeping in that area was against the rules. A small white-trained part of her even knew it was not polite to unilaterally turn off the lights in a common area. “However,” she black-reasoned to herself, “None of these bitchass, racist pink-people bout to say shit to a nigga.”

And so she settled in, dozing off to dreamland while headphones filled her mind with the timeless lullaby ‘Dreams and Nightmares’, by black poet Meek Mill: “If you ain’t a murderer then pussy-nigger shut up! You fuck around, you fuck around, you fuck around, and get murdered, because these Philadelphian niggers I brought with me don’t fuck around. All I know is murder. All foreign bitches fucking, sucking and swallowing, and if I go, do you think these pretty hoes will still suck my dick?”

#OscarsSoWhite: “We gots so much mufuking talent that these racist white crakkka mufuckas aint tryin feel!”

For more on how Meek Mill is ‘trying to turn his life around’ (like every other violent degenerate black hypocrite coward who suffers the racism of consequences), check out how a judge–a black female judge–is a ‘hater’, and how other rappers are ‘bullying’ poor little dindu Meek Mill.

#FreeMyNiggerMurderMcKillRape: Because, in the USA, no whites were ever lynched–and all lynchings of blacks were for ‘whistling at a white woman’ etc.

Dindu does nothing, gets lynched

The black queen’s slumber was racistly cut short, when some bitchass white muthufucka interrupted her–by turning on the lights in the common area. Later, in a pity-piece about the plight of the inconsiderate black bitch, a racist black bitch named Cleve Wootson, writing for the Washington Post, incited hatred and violence against Sarah Braasch by exposing her as the “white student” who snitched on da kween. In the article, Wootson seals Braasch’s fate as a social-pariah among unintelligent anti-white racists, by pointing out that the incident wasn’t the first time that Braasch had brashly held objective standards to a rule-breaking Chocolate Progressivism Mascot at Yale.

George Zimmerman would be proud of Braasch’s hatred; since, as with the Zimmerman fiasco, journalist whores like Wootson are now libeling Braasch, saying she “called 911” and “told the police [that] a woman ‘she did not know’ was sleeping in the common room.”

Meanwhile, such blacks strategize like whites dance–so, based simply on the Dindu Facts provided by Siyonbola and Wootson, it’s obvious that this is just another case of a black liar being awarded laughable celebrity for the convenient scapegoating of whatever law-abiding white person endeavors to believe that the black pets of White Supremacy want to be treated like earnest, responsible individuals.

“Black mascots placated: Problem solved” -Yale ‘leadership’

Dumbass racist clown Yale President Peter Salovey apologized for the fact that Yale’s coddled Chocolate Progressivism Mascots “experience racism on [Yale’s] campus as they do elsewhere in our country.” Salovey then declared every day to be “Lolade Siyonbola dindu nuffin day” at Yale, decreeing agreement among Yale faculty, staff, and students that, “Since she’s black, we can all be sure that she dindu nuffin.”

Also, Lynn Cooley, Dean of Yale’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, is quoted in Yale Daily News as saying that the incident “remind[s] us of the continued work needed to make Yale a truly inclusive place.” Translation: If you are not black, then don’t complain about any sociopathic behavior from Progressivism’s Chocolate Mascots.

Now, the focus is on how the campus police had told the mascot that they needed to make sure it “belongs” on Yale’s campus–so the autistic screeching from race-baiters is that the cop’s microaggression, progressively translated, was: “LOOK YOU LITTLE NIGGER BITCH GET YOUR BLACK ASS OUT OF MY WHITE SIGHT–SO I CAN MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!”

“LOOK YOU LITTLE NIGGER BITCH GET YOUR BLACK ASS OUT OF MY WHITE SIGHT–SO I CAN MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!” -What every white person is thinking when they apply objective social standards to Progressivism’s Chocolate Mascots.

Solipsism vs Reality

Meanwhile, it’s standard operating procedure–indeed the stated policy of Student Expectations for virtually all schools–that students are to present identification to faculty or staff, upon request of such staff operating in official capacity. After all, despite the misconceptions of black narcissists at Yale, Washington Post, or anywhere else: It is not the duty of Yale’s campus police to memorize and recognize Yale’s student-body of 12,000+, nor to assume that just because a loud-mouth black bitch is belligerent–that she must be one of Yale’s black mascot quotas, wasting time with Yale’s Colored Only coursework, in its segregated sections of pseudo-scholarship.

Further reading: Yale’s White Law Student Association

“The Yale White Law Students Association (WLSA) is a student organization composed of Yale Law School students concerned with issues affecting members of the European Diaspora. The purpose of WLSA is to support and advance the interests of its members and the broader White community. In this effort, WLSA focuses on the recruitment and development of White law students and seeks to build relationships between current students and alumni. We also encourage the academic and professional development of WLSA members by informing them of employment and educational opportunities and by supporting their efforts to take advantage of them. To expand WLSA’s impact beyond the walls of the Law School and elite professional circles, we engage in community service within the New Haven community and beyond as well as political action on issues of local, state, national, and global import. Lastly, WLSA encourages social interaction between its members to foster meaningful networks, which are crucial to success in the legal profession.”

-Mission Statement of Yale’s “Black Law Students Association”–if you changed “black” to “white.”

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