Women as short-sighted, self-destructive, socialist pawns

women demanding the right to be sterile useless cogs

Collective of ugly, unlikeable, doomed women beg government for the right to demand that men, in general, assent to, and fund, women’s right to kill children and to transition into being sterile, coddled cogs.

Crowdfunding is now a popular way to describe the pooling of resources, via such services as Kickstarter, MicroVentures and, with a name most telling of all as to the tone of this era: Gofundme. Such a strategy is nothing new: Women in modern times, as short-sighted and self-destructive socialist pawns, have been routinely groomed, by Big Government, to beg government for crumbs from its ‘crowd-funded’ coffers.



Supermodel Tess Holliday, who smells bad and will die young

Fair enough. But then, for these women, it comes to be that the soothing light of dependence at the end of their tunnel of doubt was just a freight train of socialist-chains coming their way: Invariably, a given woman need only beg government for an empowering pittance–if the woman is too unlikeable to earn the interest of a man, whether for marriage, else a less-binding form of prostitution.

However, women as short-sighted, self-destructive, socialist pawns come to see government assistance not as crisis management, not even as a means to an end–a step up to dust themselves off and be more attractive to potential suitors; instead, such assistance is, for her, the end in itself: “I don’t need no man,” cackle countless a pitiful, government-pampered socially rejected woman, who clings to government–id est a collective of men–in order to pretend that she is above lowering her standards so that they would conform more with the reality of her low social worth. Hence, by her license, she just becomes uglier and uglier–physically of course, because women age like milk, but also mentally, emotionally, and socially; which means she becomes ever more dependent on government to subsidize her ugliness.


When socialist social-engineers pretend that indulging fat, ugly women is a matter of ‘open-mindedness’ and ‘social progress’.

It is for these reasons that countless corporations have, either wholly or in part, sailed such stale social-winds into marketing campaigns which encourage timid self-respect, even laughable pride–among stunningly ugly women.

Of course, a fuller analysis describes a nation of perpetual war, wherein conscription–actual else de facto–continually culls enough men to render every woman all the more desperate for dates, thence dependence on government–the same government whose war-games culled her potential gentleman callers.

Obama in orange-face congratulates retired Army Staff Sgt. Travis Mills for his role during USA's quintessential terrorism in Afghanistan

Obama in orange-face congratulates retired Army Staff Sgt. Travis Mills for his role during USA’s quintessential terrorism in Afghanistan.


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