Pathologizing self-respect, even self-preservation — in Santa Fe, Texas and beyond


During the decline of the doomed death-cult, the anointed–in gilded cubicles, removed from results, and passive-aggresively intent on at least hegemony, else systematic murder–crafted nomenclature not for clarity, much less for generally utility, but rather for their own specialized utility of securing a monopoly on solutions:

Unbroken children are not reacting reasonably to cramped quarters and mind-numbing indoctrination — rather, they have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder;

their so-called indiscipline is not a function of finding alternative thoughts and actions that, though entirely reasonable, yet discord with the mediocre minders whom culture calls “teachers”–rather, they have Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

anti-bullying-campaignsThey are not henpecked by the conspiratorial Little Eichmanns of a society addicted to its own malevolence: They are “bullied;” and that bullying exists in a vacuum; and the only solution is a slew of the ironically named anti-bullying campaigns which invariably amount to ideological ranking systems for systematic social-torture, whose peak holds:

  1. “feminists” aka failing, flailing, sterilized child-murdering females;
  2. then “gays” aka cowardly, self-indulgent, self-hating homosexual males who celebrate their relegation to genetic obsolescence;
  3. then whatever manic non-white pets best serve the distraction campaigns of white elites.

And whereas Plutarch’s Lives speaks of Cato providing sexual liaisons for his slaves, to keep them content–masters on USA’s Expanded Plantation aim, instead, for maximizing discontent:

  1. Criminalize skipping school;
  2. all but prevent education for the sake of an indoctrination which amounts to nothing less than mazes of distraction and extraneous complexity purposed to prevent and punishment rationality;
  3. extend that indoctrination as far into life as possible–at least the first two decades;
  4. term any deviance therefrom as “mental illness”–to expand the authority of the Death-Cult’s secular clergies: The American Psychiatric Association, The American Psychological Association, and their various satellite mires.

Thus in Texas at Santa Fe High School, a “child” shot up his school after he was “bullied” by students and staff. This, to describe a reasonable man reacting predictably to decades of being relegated to pseudo-educational cages, which are nothing more than daycare centers to manage the perennial childhood of the progeny of modern slaves.


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