Haircuts vs Ideas (Autistic crybully Steven Crowder crushes dick Yousef’s hairstyle)


Autistic crybully Steven Crowder leans off his chair to aggressively invade the space of his intellectual superior, Yousef–while a crowd of Crowder’s loser fans look on and laugh.

Steven Crowder’s manly wife doubtlessly delighted when Crowder crowded out Yousef’s personal space, during Crowder’s limp publicity stunt, “Socialism is evil: Change my mind.”

Crowder, in typical fashion of a millennial–especially a comedian–dutifully ducked and dodged his debate-death–looking progressively pitifuler throughout: Distracting from his lack of depth by any means necessary:

  • Winking and nodding to his crowd;
  • Telling his intellectual superior, “Look me in the eyes; I’m not mad at you,” and, “[You are] being a dick”;
  • Perhaps most pitiful of all: Virtue-signaling his demands for definitions of contextually-obvious phrases, such as “autistic Libertarianism” and “shill for the capitalists.”

In the end, the event was of course about style over substance. Thus Steven Crowder; bum knee, butterface wife and all; won the day easily–by critiquing Yousef’s haircut: “You had a fight with the [hair] clippers–and the clippers won!” Yousef, with his event-horizon extending beyond a crowd full of losers foolish enough to idolize Steven Crowder, was left speechless…or at least constantly interrupted.

After being thoroughly manhandled by Yousef, goofy feminine Crowder turned to his base and–with a straight face–pitched the product which he had brought along: A pamphlet, so that, as Crowder put it, “You guys can be prepared for some of these arguments.”

*Moreover, the only thing more objectively embarrassing than a cursory reference to Crowder’s omphalic temerity in pitching his pamphlet to debate as poorly as him–would be the direct quote: “This is always interesting to me because–we talk about this a lot, and I know–if we look here–just so–I think we’ve talked about this: We’re going to be actually selling–for like five or six bucks–I’m not looking for near–we’re going to be selling the Change My Mind pamphelets, so that you guys can be prepared for some of these arguments.”

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