Patriarchy votes on Male Privilege, to include economically diverse grooming


12-year-old Céline Marie with a man three times her age.

When René Angélil, at nearly 40-years-old, began grooming a tight, shy, butterface but fuckable 12-year-old — he knew that he wanted her on his dick. His preteen muse was Céline Marie, youngest of her poor parents’ 14 children, and she had always dreamed of climbing on the dick of someone three times her age–so it was a match made in hebephile heaven! Then one fine day in December of 1994, after years of secretly cumming in the child, Angélil made it official: He married Céline Marie Claudette Dion–aka Celine Dion.

Tale as old as time, tune as old as song: A middle-aged man lurks around looking for an awkward, shy, needy child to cum in; then, through his business connections, she becomes famous, and so no one minds the grooming–not the peniless parents, the slick kid-fucker or his butterface bride.


Throughout, groomed peahen Celine Dion stayed docile and needy until the end.

Meanwhile, in Oakland California…

celeste guap does her jiminy glick impression

Millionaire fugly frump Celeste Guap does her Jiminy Glick impression


One day, after years of doing whatever she wanted, Jasmine Abuslin aka Celeste Guap was finally recognized as the victim whom she always knew she was–and then she was rewarded a million dollars, which she quickly spent on doomed attempts to recover from being the nothing that she had become.

Years back, a handful of crooked cops — coasting down to a slow death filled with chronic pain and suicidality — found a bit of respite from their unhappy lives by cumming in Jasmine Abuslin, a fugly Nicaraguan youngster who, by 16, had stage-named herself Celeste Guap and was a middle-ho in organized-crime conspiracies with crooked cops who, along with gang members, coordinated to flood the streets of Oakland with illegal narcotics and destroy lives: The crooked cops warned Guap about upcoming drug raids; and, in exchange, Guap gave the stressed, miserable, uniformed criminals her boring, chubby hole — briefly providing Guap with the precarious fantasy that she was more than a troll-faced, awkward pawn, doomed to a life of boredom and obscurity.

The cops were indicted for sex with a poor innocent child. Officer Brendan O’Brien, a particularly pitiful organized-criminal of the Oakland Police Department, killed himself; then his wife killed herself. Guap sought 66 million dollars for being a victim of her choices; she got 1 million. She faced no charges for conspiracy.

Then Dr. Phil interviewed a girl who said, “Catch me outside.” Then boring, manic, mentally retarded millennials distracted each other with disagreement as to whether Donald Trump, aka Obama in orange-face, was christ or anti-christ.

Then USA’s congress funneled billions of dollars to the atheist terrorist nation of Israel which used the welfare-payment to escalate their terrorism in the Middle East, while suicide rates continued to soar among Jewish men in Israel, despite the government issuing, to each Jewish man, a Jewish baby on whom to daily perform Metzitzah B’peh — the orthodox Jewish practice of cutting up the baby’s dick, sucking on the mutilated dick, and sometimes killing the baby by transferring disease to the baby’s mutilated dick.

sassy celeste guap suicide

Last Friday, the Patriarchy convened. The topic of discussion was expanding Male Privilege, so that even poor men would be able to groom and fuck children with impunity–a right typically extended only to child-raping Jews like Woody Allen and Roman Polanski, and black puppets like Michael King jr. aka Martin Luther King Jr., and Elijah Poole aka Elijah Muhammad; and also extended, now and then, to a particularly good goy–like President Bill “I beat, bite, and rape Mexicans” Clinton.

“It is EVERY man’s right to fuck kids!,” reminded one of the Patriarchs. “That makes no sense! Poor men are not human beings — they are human doings!,” cackled a prominent patriarch’s wife, who was there to inform the Patriarchy about the quarterly numbers of poor children murdered in the womb by government project Planned Parenthood, to prevent population shifts that could threaten the hegemony which rich men and their bitch wives lorded over those people weak and stupid enough to believe in a Patriarchy.

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