Privilege for empowered third-wave genetic-celebrity mudsharks

Drained of dreams, trained to perceive her body as but a commodity: All the becky knew to do was pride her third-wave prolificacy, during a sexual prime of sterilized body, terrorized mind, in dingy hospitals: Antibiotics for her player-hating STDs, antipsychotics to chase away reality, anti-racist stitches as proof she rose above before sinking beneath: An empowered mudshark gathered graves for her mulatto embryos; manic most days, depressive the rest.

Thus was her privilege as a Genetic Celebrity–petty, petite: Enough to inspire lust, yet short of respect, much less love, or at least protection–or even just loyalty; and after lust had kicked up dust enough to pass as these–all that was left was her right to bathe in victimology.

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