5 Fun Facts about Al Jazeera & the slave-state royalty which founded it

“We’re part of a global generation – without borders – connected to issues that impact your life, our world.”

-aj+ aka The Al Jazeera News Network — aka the petite bourgeois royal family in Qatar.

Fun fact 1: AJ+ operates out of the AIDS-infected-homosexuals capital of the world.

Fun fact 2: AJ+ pretends to be ‘hip’ and ‘progressive’ — by hiring Americanized arab hipsters to read the network’s propaganda.

Fun fact 3: AJ+ was founded by a man who fathered 25 children by 23 women.

Fun fact 4: the Useful Idiot presstitutes at AJ+ would sooner literally feast on each other’s excrement than bite the Qatari royal hand that feeds them by reporting on, for example the hilariously dysfunctional royalty of Qatar.

Instead, they’ll just whore their little ‘power to the people black fist dog-whistle to anyone stupid to take advice on morality from a slave state, whose Kafala system of de facto slavery provides virtually all of Qatar’s workforce.

Fun fact 5: Qatar is a hell-on-earth which well-deserves the impending terrorism that will purge its Kaffir leadership.

Until then…

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