MLK: The ultimate white-CULTure coon

MLK-- The ultimate white-CULTure coon

“Abraham Lincoln never freed the slaves — he only expanded the plantations” -Reality

To understand the Expanded Plantation, consider simply its worship of Michael King aka Martin Luther King Jr aka MLK: A short, frail, violent, misogynistic house-nigger.

Cowardly fuckboy MLK pretended to be “nonviolent” — but that was only towards his white handlers. Behind the scenes, he beat several black women according to the book, And The Walls Came Tumbling Down, written by MLK’s own right-hand-man, Ralph Abernathy, who had zero reason to lie, every reason to downplay — and so, like so many weak black cowards, Abernathy told a cathartic half-truth as to MLK’s passive-aggressively violent tendencies towards black women.

MLK was the ultimate white-culture coon. To be clear: You don’t have to be a white person to be part of white, colorless, soulless culture: You can be black as heaven, white as hell, or anything in between — and still be a welcomed addition to the white, colorless, soulless culture which maintains the modern Expanded Plantation.

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